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Podar Jumbo Kids, Secunderabad is part of the Podar Education Group, established in 1927. The philosophy of Podar Education Group revolves around an exclusive idea of education known as Kiducation meaning education from the point of the child. The first president of Podar Group was Mahatma Gandhi. It presently boasts 67 centres across India.


The basic principle of this preschool is to help the children recognize their own potential. Children are nurtured in a stress free environment which excludes any type of grading techniques. Implying any kind of punishment or external pressure is against the rules and regulations of the school. The teachers appointed in any Podar Jumbo Kids centre need to undergo one year diploma teachers’ training along with Kiducation training.



Podar Jumbo Kids hosts bright, air conditioned classrooms with attractive and child-centric materials for the children to work with. The preschool also houses an auditorium, audio-visual room, activity room with aroma fresheners many colourful pictures. The preschool has a doctor on call for emergencies and every teacher is trained in first aid.


The school curriculum is based on Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP). It focuses on improving a child’s reading skills through Glenndoman Reading technique. The following activities are offered for holistic development of the child:

– Free play is an activity where children are given an option to select any activity of their choice which improves a child’s decision making skills.

– Circle time offers scope for children to delve into musical games, rhymes and finger play thus helping them to have a hold over their impulses and enhance their listening skills.

– Students are also encouraged to engage in activities such as arts, drawing, colouring, phonic program, drama, elocution, clay art and tissue painting which helps improve their literacy and demonstration skills.

– The learners are also encouraged to participate in water play, sand play, block play and parachute play that helps them to unwind themselves, and develop their eye hand coordination skills. 

Block play is believed to help a child differentiate between colours, sizes, shapes, weights and arrange them in their proper order.

– Role play through which they understand the meaning of family and the importance of their role in one’s life through stories and games.

– The school organizes puppet shows that are believed to help a child develop his/her thinking power and basic language skills. 

– The school also arranges field trips, which offer scope for children to explore and appreciate the environment around them in their most crucial years.

The school hours are: 

– 9.00 am to 11 am or 12 pm – 11 am or 12 pm to 1 pm or 2 pm.

General Information

Min Fee
Admission Age
1 Year And 2 Months
Teacher Student Ratio


Admission is on first come first basis. The admission kit needs to be collected from the school office.


The fee starts from Rs. 1200 per month.


Podar Jumbo Kids, Secunderabad has been ranked among the top 20 preschools in Hyderabad by the EducationWorld India Preschool Rankings 2013.

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