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Promise your Child

About the Product:

Promise conducts life skills workshop in schools and also undertake individual counseling to help children parents and teachers across India. Their various workshops help the children to develop necessary academic skills and realize their potential to excel by learning better study habits. Their method ensures that teacher educators and importantly parent are involved in the process of helping the children gain various academic and life skills.

For children the various workshops conducted are- interacting with teachers confidently, sibling rivalry, goal setting, public speaking, positive thinking, leadership, How to handle criticism positively, etc…

For parents the workshops include-keeping small promises, parenting is not yelling and screaming, child deserves dignity, scheduling lunch and dinner…

Various counseling topics are also undertaken like handling peer pressure, home study kit, dealing with bullies, reading revision etc…

Unique Features:

Promise workshops are unique! We ensure that each child is exposed to skills like Leadership, Time Management, Building an Shakable Character, Public Speaking, Respecting Elders, How to make friends, Building an unshakable character to just a few. These are all geared towards character building for these children. The reason Promise workshops stand out are:

a. Each month children will be learning at least two new skills (topics)

b. To ensure proper interaction with the children each workshop session will be for an hour

c. Each workshop session will be conducted by two Promise Mentors. This helps in making sure that each child in the room can be reached out to!

d. Workshops are activity and role play based where the Promise Mentors act more likefacilitators

e. Each and every child gets to pen down their views, thoughts and learning’s at the end of each workshop session. This helps us assess the progress of the child

f. Teachers from the school are also present during the session and contribute through our feedback mechanism.

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