Protecting our children from drugs

ParentsWorld October 2020While we are facing an addiction to all things electronic, there are other serious addictions to which teenagers could succumb. One of them is drugs. Your October cover story touched upon this issue that is wreaking havoc with the lives of young people across the country.

Parents believe that their own child is exempt but the fact is that drug addiction can happen to anyone. It is up to parents and teachers to spend time with their students, not just talking about academics but talking about issues like this that can truly destroy an innocent child’s life.

We hear about the drugs addiction of many school children. Our children are likely to be exposed to them sooner or later. We need to be vigilant to ensure that our children don’t get ensnared. Parenting is not always easy, and having a magazine like ParentsWorld helps us feel that there are many others who understand our problems.

It is always interesting and thought-provoking to read PW.

Chandra Das

Independent play is an important skill

I have homeschooled all my three children and one of the most important aspects of that process was encouraging independent play (PW October).

It teaches children how to be creative and imaginative. It shows them that there are possibilities galore. It teaches them that there are innumerable solutions to a single problem. Solo play brings out the individuality in a child. And helps them stay calm and happy in their own company. In a gadget-dependent world, children need to learn to entertain themselves.

Malini A

Dangers of online school

The pandemic has resulted in schools closing and classes going online. I found the article on eyesight and children relevant especially with the number of hours they are spending in front of the mobile phone and the computer (PW October). Our unfortunate children have lost the joys of going to school and playing outdoors. They spend most of their time — especially if they are in higher classes — with their eyes glued to computer or television screens.

Working parents should bear in mind that children model their parents. Therefore it is up to us to set examples. If parents spend less time in front of their mobile devices, children will simulate our example. The easiest way to begin is ban mobile phones at meal times and to agree on a time when electronic devices are turned off at night.

I believe it’s time to open schools, to protect our children from other dangers caused by excessive access to the Internet.

Moreover, I tried out two of your recipes, and since all of us are at home, we enjoyed the experience. Do share more healthy recipes.

Poornima L

Nurturing love for books

As a child, I remember exchanging books with friends and reading as many as I could, especially during the holidays. Sadly, children today don’t have the same passion for books. As parents, we should help them enjoy reading and take them to libraries. Several online options are also available, and audio books have also become popular. Books stimulate creativity, and I think we need to make the extra effort to get our children to read. Many stores also offer a good variety of used books.

I remember sitting on my mother’s lap for story-reading sessions as a child. It was truly memorable, and I loved seeing pictures as my mother read to me. I believe it is something that even infants enjoy.

Shirley Nair

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