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Product description

Dyslexia is not a rare condition. In fact, it is the most common cause of learning disability in children. However, there are very few professional testing methods that are available in addition to special educators, school psychologists and clinical psychologists. Pearson’s dyslexia screening test – junior, India edition test kit equips schools and teachers to evaluate each child and create an inclusive learning environment wherein they are valued and supported according to their needs.

Unique Features

  1. Ensures early identification, essential for timely intervention and support
  2. Can be administered by a wide range of professionals
  3. Wide age range covered – 6 years 6 months to 11 years 5 months
  4. Findings can facilitate referral for further in-depth evaluation
  5. Guides the development of in-school support
  6. Standardised sample collected from schools across India
  7. Offers a profile of child’s strengths and weaknesses
  8. Norms for Indian children offer accurate measure of literacy skills
  9. Used in conjunction with the Raven’s Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scales to comprehensively screen for learning difficulties.

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