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Rajasthan: Pvt schools call indefinite mass strike over fee row

Pune Municipal Corporation: Online classes shouldn’t stop in case of fee dispute

October 27, 2020

Some parents in Pune have alleged that if school fees have not been paid, their wards are being denied online classes or to appear for exams.  In this regard, the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) education officer, Meenakshi Raut issued a circular and started sending notices to schools stopping students from attending online classes.

A circular issued by the PMC education department read, “As the Covid-19 pandemic is there currently online education is going on in the schools and we are getting complaints from parents about students being stopped from attending online classes due to fees. School administration and parents should take an independent discussion on school payment issues, but in any case the education of the students should not be stopped. And if the school doesn’t do so, then we will have to consult with our higher officials for taking legal action against the school.”

“Many schools in Pune are pressuring parents for fees. They are also denying children’s online education, denying passwords and sending out school leaving certificates directly. In this regard, school parents, as well as parent-teacher executive committees have lodged complaints with the education department. We are demanding immediate action against such schools as per the new circular and instructions of the high court and further request you to bring this information to the notice of the court, otherwise it will be a case contempt of court,” added Mukund Kirdat, coordinator, Pune Parents United.

Kirdat added, “In the circular issued by the Deputy Director of Education on October 13 it is clearly stated that, if the online education or the other rights of education are denied to child by any schools for reason of non-payment of school fees or other reasons which are not related to child, it will be responsibility of district education officer to take action against such schools. The district education officer should take action against those who violate the order. It has also directed all the district education officers not to deny the child right of education. Issues of payments of fees should be dealt legally separately with parents.”

Source: Hindustan Times

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