Puzzle Box

The names of three popular authors are hidden in each line alongside. Each line has two ‘dummy’ alphabets. Find out which are the ‘dummy’ letters and delete them to find the answers.

Answers: Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, J k Rowling

Book Mark

Speed Reading Made Easy

Don’t you wish you could find the time to read all recommended books? Here’s how you can make this wish come true! This book by the speed Reading Institute, USA, tells you how you can double your reading speed, while increasing your comprehension at the same time. It teaches you how you can improve your reading speed quickly and easily. Try it! Publisher: Goyl Saab

Moms’n Dads

It’s fun to share our pleasures with the family. Why not share books too? Set aside a weekly hour as ‘Share-a-book’ time. Each family member may have different reading interests, but this time can be used to talk about books each person has enjoyed. All family members can tell the others why they enjoyed a particular book. A short summary of the book’s content and what made it special can be shared. Perhaps this will prompt others in the family to read as well.

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