Puzzle box

Look closely at the sentences below and discover some coolers hidden in between.

Angela took some board games to Minu’s house.

‘Raju ice-cream’ has three coolers hidden inside.

Answer: Gelato, ice, ice cream, juice


Moms’n Dads

Want to rustle up a dessert for the family? Doing things together is fun. Try making this Mango Treat together.

Things needed

• 3 ripe mangoes
• 4 scoops of ice cream
• 2 bowls of custard
• 2 mangoes, cubed

• Blend the three mangoes and pour one layer into each bowl.
• Pour one layer of custard (prepared according to the instructions on the pack.)
• Drop mango cubes into it.
• Top up with a scoop of ice-cream.
• You could sprinkle roasted, crushed cashewnuts or mango sauce on top.
• Your delicious Mango Treat is ready!

Book Mark

Treasures from Trash

This book shows you how you can make some amazing crafts from common waste materials.
Anitha Bennett provides simple instructions with illustrations. So pick up the book and start creating treasures from trash.

Publisher: Scholastic

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