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Puzzle Box

How many smiles can you spot in this picture?

Choose alphabets from this question to find a laughter word.

• What do you hear when you crack a joke with a jovial chum? ______________!
• Do you think a merry heart is, in fact, as good as ____________?

Answers: 13, Chuckle, Medicine

Book Mark

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

The transformation of tight-fisted Scrooge brings out the spirit of Christmas.

Publisher: Barbour Books

Moms’n Dads

Cynthia John

Create great family moments by sharing laughs with limericks. It takes some effort but it’s fun.

Limericks are funny little poems with five lines. Lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme, and so do lines 3 and 4. As you compose it, listen to the beat and make sure you have a rhythmic pattern.

Each family member can make up one or more limericks. It can be about herself or another family member. Or you can make one up to match a photograph. Paste them all in a scrapbook.

Here’s a sample limerick:

I love this crazy family
Who wake me up quite speedily.
With their shrieks and screams,
They upset my dreams
But I join them merrily.

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