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Qmax World LLP | EWIER 2020 Series

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Mumbai-headquartered Qmax World LLP (estb.1982) is a provider of high-quality uniform fabrics and garments for schools, corporates and industries such as hospitality and automobiles. The company aspires to continuously deliver value to its customers through forward integration, product development and value addition.

With over 400 satisfied clients, Qmax World is widely recognised as an exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the best quality fabrics to well-established traders, wholesalers, garment manufacturers and corporates in India and abroad.

Qmax World Leaders

Qmax World LLP - Sunil TibrewalSunil Tibrewal
Founder-Managing Director

As the founder-managing director, Sunil Tibrewal led Qmax World to become one of the top uniform brands in the country within a short span of time. He has more than four decades of experience in the textile industry. He has been conferred several awards and encomiums for his valuable contributions to industry. Among them: Rising Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012 of Power Brands.

Qmax World LLP - Ankit TibrewalAnkit Tibrewal
Partner & COO

Ankit Tibrewal is the partner and chief operating officer (COO) of Qmax World. An alumnus of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (USA) and SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai (SPJIMR), Ankit has launched a slew of measures to streamline Qmax’s business operations besides introducing several innovations in marketing and product development. His contributions have helped the company chart an unprecedented growth trajectory.



  • Qmax fabrics are characterised by bright colours, innovative yarns, eye-catchy designs, and rich blend of cotton.
  • Qmax’s world-class catalogues feature over 5,000+ designs created by in-house designers keeping in mind the comfort and feel of the fabric.

Customer support

  • Qmax’s dedicated team of 20 customer relationship officers are available round-the-clock for addressing customer queries and grievances on phone, WhatsApp, video conference as well as the company’s own app.
  • The company also provides a Digital Catalogue to help customers shortlist products and place orders easily.
  • All Qmax World products are graded and quality checked, and stocked in Ready to Dispatch condition to avoid delays.

Product quality

  • Each fabric manufactured at Qmax World, goes through several levels of quality checks.
  • The fabric is checked for construction and strength even before it goes for production. The production fabric is checked at greige, semi-finish and at finish check points.
  • As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Qmax World adheres to all the guidelines set by the same.0
  • Qmax World offers cotton-rich fabrics that not only help in absorbing sweat and minimising microbial growth but also provide comfort to kids in terms of fit and feel.

Value for money

  • Qmax World’s focus on the 3 P’s defined by its founder — presentation, product, & price — ensures unparalleled value for money for its customers. The company provides fabrics at competitive price points without compromising on quality.


  • Qmax World’s fabrics go through stringent quality checks to ensure colour fastness, tensile strength and pilling strength.
  • All fabrics clear the quality and durability parameters before their launch in the market.
  • To reduce the margin of error, random checks are routinely conducted to ensure adherence to these parameters.

Customer satisfaction

  • “For us, Qmax World is synonymous with “Innovation”. Having mastered the art of innovation, they have created a niche for themselves in the uniforms market. Their fabrics have unmatched comfort and quality is something anyone can vouch for.” – Mr. Maulik, owner of Shah Maulik Rajesh Kumar, Ahmedabad.
  • “Qmax World has always been a player who, despite playing in a single segment, has always crafted something new and creative. The entire team is a bundle of energy to work with and has a very different approach to things. They are the front runners in introducing new designs and fabrics in the market. Besides product quality, durability and innovation, they have one of the best catalogues in the market which make our lives easier and help us in converting the orders quickly.” – Vijay Ji Dakalia, Mahaveer Textiles, Solapur.


  • Qmax World was the first among players in the uniforms market to introduce engineering borders on its uniform fabrics in 2010.
  • The company has been the front runner in developing and launching cotton-rich fabrics for uniforms which was earlier a polyester-driven segment.
  • Qmax World was the first to develop and launch the National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL)-certified antiviral as well as antibacterial self-heal fabrics that are 99.94 percent effective upto 50 washes. The self-heal fabric has given the company an edge over its competitors in the Covid-19 age.

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