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Ram Rajya Paradox

EducationWorld February 2024 | Magazine Postscript

Undoubtedly after consecration of the resplendent new Ram Temple in Ayodhya preceded by inauguration of the new Parliament building in Delhi and several high-profile infrastructure projects all over the country, 21st century India is experiencing a long overdue renaissance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes that with the Ram Temple constructed in Ayodhya the nation has been liberated from “500 years of mental slavery” which began when invaders from Central Asia and later Britain ruled over India, i.e, Bharat.

Yet there seems to be a conspiracy of silence within government and the establishment about the rising tide of Indians rich and poor, desperate to flee the promising new Ram Rajya of newly liberated India. During 2021-23, a record 3.61 lakh HNWI (high net worth individuals) emigrated to countries eager to welcome can-do entrepreneurs and professionals. This emigration stampede is not restricted to HNWIs. According to US Customs and Border Protection authority data, between October 2022 and September 2023, a record number of 96,917 Indians were arrested while attempting to enter the US unlawfully mainly along the Canada-Mexico borders — a five-fold increase over the 19,883 apprehended in 2019-20.

Curiously the majority of these illegal immigrants are from Gujarat, the bailiwick of PM Modi, who served there as chief minister from 2002-2014 before he was elected prime minister of the country. Moreover on January 29, over 10,000 construction workers flocked to a government-run ITI in Lucknow to be tested for employment in Israel, dangers of the Israel-Hamas war and political considerations be damned.

Seems like the public, rich and poor, is not buying official propaganda that a new Ram Rajya age based on justice, equity and inclusivity is set to dawn nationwide.

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