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Revolutionary ALfA Technique Helps Develop Literacy and Numeracy Skills in Just 10 Days

June 1, 2023

Nishant Saxena

In a remarkable achievement, children as young as eight are developing impressive literacy and numeracy skills within days, thanks to a ground-breaking teaching technique. Jhanvi, a fourth-grade student at a government-run primary school, can now comfortably read a newspaper, while her classmates Riddhi (8) and Reshma (9) exhibit equal enthusiasm for reading. Even more astonishing, Alok (12) and Shivanshu (13), who have never attended school, are now proficient in quadruple-digit multiplication and division. This accelerated learning is attributed to the ALfA (Accelerating Learning for All) program, conceived by Dr. Sunita Gandhi of Devi Sansthan.

Recognizing the urgent need to enhance learning outcomes in India, where access to education is limited and learning outcomes are poor, DEVI Sansthan has introduced the DEVI FLN FAST-TRACK CAMP. This innovative program aims to revolutionize the way children acquire Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) skills, encompassing reading, writing, and arithmetic at a Grade 3-level proficiency. Achieving universal FLN is a top priority of India’s New Education Policy 2020, yet the current pace of skill acquisition makes it unlikely to achieve this goal before the 2026/27 deadline set by the NIPUN Bharat Mission.

Unlike traditional methods that often take several years to impart foundational skills, the DEVI FLN FAST-TRACK CAMP employs the ALfA pedagogy to accelerate learning at an unprecedented rate. By condensing the learning process into just 10 days, the DEVI FLN Camp demonstrates the power of this new teaching technique. Dr. Sunita Gandhi, the brain behind the ALfA program, was invited by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, to implement this technique in Shamli (UP) and Sambalpur (Orissa), two underperforming districts, in 2022. The program’s exceptional results have even attracted the attention of the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the United States.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of the DEVI FLN FAST-TRACK CAMP in Lucknow,” said Dr. Sunita Gandhi, the CEO of DEVI Sansthan and a renowned educationist. “This program represents a significant milestone in our mission to transform education and empower every child with essential skills in record time. We are committed to accelerating the learning process and ensuring that every child achieves their full potential.”

Dinesh Chandra, a Block Education Officer from Lucknow, expressed his astonishment at the technique’s effectiveness, stating, “I am amazed by the results. The technique is phenomenal and highly effective.”

India has long grappled with the challenge of achieving universal literacy, as outlined in the NIPUN Bharat Mission and the New Education Policy 2020. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, only half of the 10-year-old children in Class 5 could read, write, or perform basic arithmetic after five years of schooling. Acknowledging this urgent need for change, DEVI Sansthan developed the ALfA program, which has already shown remarkable results within a span of 45 days.

The DEVI FLN FAST-TRACK CAMP builds upon this success by providing intensive instruction over one to ten days, resulting in Grade 3-level proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Through a condensed six-period daily curriculum, DEVI Sansthan aims to equip children with essential skills at an accelerated pace. This initiative marks a significant milestone in DEVI Sansthan’s efforts to revolutionize education in India and beyond, addressing the pressing need for foundational literacy and numeracy skills among children. By maximizing the learning potential of every child, the FLN FAST-TRACK CAMP ensures they possess the necessary skills for success.

During the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Sunita Gandhi expressed gratitude to all participants, supporters, and distinguished guests for their presence and support. She emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in transforming the educational landscape and empowering children to realize their full potential.

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