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Role of Education in the Modern World of Technologies

– James Collins

Old habits die hard and the same is true of the education sector that has stubbornly stuck to the traditional teaching methods. Whereas every other field in human endeavor has adopted technology, education is still curiously stuck to desk, notebook, and instruction in this age of the smartphone, tablets, and laptops.

Technology could make the learning experience better for the student and help create efficiency in the education sector to meet current needs.

Education in the Modern World of Technologies

Easy access to educational resources

All children and most young adults that make up the student population from elementary schools to colleges are tech-savvy. They were born into homes with technology gadgets and were introduced to smartphones and computers early in their lives. These children are comfortable around technology and accept it as a regular necessity in daily activities.

With this background, it is easy to introduce tech in education to enhance the children’s learning experience while improving standards. Children are naturally fascinated with technology and introducing this in education can boost attention spans and keep students engaged. 

Teachers, too, stand to gain by adopting technology-based solutions for developing better content. Using apps, writing tools, grading tools and original essays with the help of EduBirdie, the internet has made it possible to deliver education seamlessly. 

Learning made easy through blended instruction

Previously students and teachers had books and libraries to rely on for information and this could be limiting. Books are not also the most exciting medium of knowledge for children. Visual illustrations stimulate children and tech-based visuals are more exciting than board graphics that were equally hard to come by.

With the Internet of Things, students and teachers can access learning materials easily with a simple click. What is more, you can access numerous options on one topic for ease of reference besides video lessons and illustrations online. 

This convenience has cut out the need to carry around bags of books by having every resource needed on a single device.

Education in the Modern World of Technologies

Introduces students to future careers

The introduction of technology into the education system is one way of preparing children for technology-based careers. 

As children interact with technology at school, they start to lean towards certain career paths that fit their favorite tech learning aids. The fun of using technology in the classroom allows children to express their creativity and leads to self-discovery.

Fiddling around with tablets as they find their way to solve a problem helps children understand the workings of technology intimately. A future graphic artist will find his or her expression at this stage while using the computer to complete drawings for classwork. Those that excel in this simple classroom exercise easily continue that line into a career.

Allows for empowerment and problem solving

Technology for children is packaged for fun to generate interest and encourage participation. As children learn and adapt to technology, they realize that they can do things on their own and this expands their cognitive thinking. The key takeaway here is empowerment, and this is what education is for in the first place.

Technology takes away the passive learning approach infusing participatory and independent engagement for students. With independence comes the need to find solutions to problems and this helps the student to gain confidence in his or her ability. A student thus empowered leaves school prepared for a professional life that’s fulfilling.

Technology brings the world to the classroom

In the world today, it is no longer about what your teacher knows. Technology brings all knowledge and the world to those who seek right in their palms. You can ask search engines anything under the sun and receive an instant answer. Now students no longer have to rely on their teachers only for information but can easily source from the internet.

College students writing coursework papers now have easy time researching online thanks to technology. Today students and teachers can interact online without the need for face-to-face meetings.


There is just too much knowledge and data in the world today way beyond the capacity of the teacher to provide using old-fashioned methods. Embracing technology is one way of bridging the gap and providing students with better learning options to enhance their education. A powerful demonstration of this is the current use of online tuition and technology for home learning during this COVID-19 lockdown that included schools.

James Collins is a computer graduate and works for a software firm that is into the development of eLearning solutions for schools and colleges. He’s also a brilliant project worker and essay and coursework writer for college-level students. In his free time, he watches NFL and NBA, cooks Thai food for his family and takes Spanish language classes.

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