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Sapling Nursery, at Ram Indu Park, Baner Road, Pune was started in 2005 by Kamla Idgunji. Sapling Nursery, Ram Indu Park is part of the Sapling Nursery chain of preschools in Pune – the first of which was founded in 1995. Sapling Nursery aims to nurture children with free play and discipline and helps them develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills for a healthy growth of their personality.

The goal of Sapling Nursery is to develop social skills and abilities in children, improve fluency in language through learning processes in oral, visual and written communication, help children acquire a level of communicative competence that is personally satisfying and qualify them as self thinking young independent individuals


The preschool hosts spacious, well equipped and well ventilated classrooms with colourful walls featuring hand painted stories and pictures used to help children develop language and sequencing abilities. The outdoor play area is spacious and well equipped.


The preschool follows the Montessori Method of teaching where children learn at their own pace and with their own choice of activity; the Montessori material is displayed on the shelves and facilitators present activities to children based on their age and ability. The teachers also host discussions in group settings and children are encouraged to use new words, develop listening skills, overcome inhibitions and voice their opinions. The preschool lays emphasis on art and craft to facilitate unrestricted flow of children’s ideas; the art and craft sessions are conducted in open areas of the preschool. Music and dance are incorporated into the curriculum to help children learn new concepts, new words and their correct articulation along with developing skills of listening and comprehending oral sentences and building self confidence and ability to perform before an audience.

General Information

Min Fee
Admission Age
2 Years


For admission into playgroup, children should be at least 2 years and 4 months of age, for nursery children aged 3 years and above are eligible, for LKG the child should have completed 4 years and for admission into UKG the child should be 5 years of age.

Fees- Please contact the school for information on fees.


Sapling Nursery, Ram Indu Park is endorsed by a lot of parents with favorable reviews on parenting websites for offering a safe, loving and warm environment and delivering a valuable learning experience with discipline to its students.

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