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EducationWorld April 2022 | Spotlight Feature
Mukesh SharmaMukesh Sharma, Chairman and Director, Prometheus School, Noida

What if we lived in a world where every person, regardless of their age and background, was dedicated to making this world a better place? Call it utopian if you will, but someone has to think about it and it must start somewhere, shouldn’t it?

We all dream of a better world, a better future, a healthy and happy generation but to be able to cultivate a generation that cares and feels for mother earth and all its inhabitants, the seeds need to be sown now. We, at Prometheus School, are committed to this dream and our students are doing their bit every day – be it fulfilling a dream of an underprivileged girl to go to London Business School, raising funds by auctioning their art for causes that move them, or by creating awareness through their PYP expedition. These students are dedicated to making this planet better for all its residents. In these times of uncertainty, fear, and conflict, such a step is not just essential but a dire need.

A school is a place where the foundation of every child is laid – their attitude and aptitude are developed. For education to be truly meaningful, there has to be an element of community service and engagement with all levels of society to help the students appreciate and have gratitude for their privileges. Community service not only helps the “haves” connect with the “have nots” but also develops character and inclusivity – it gives a sense of achievement and unbridled joy of having touched another life in a special way.

Teaching every student to contribute to society enables the child to see the world from a compassionate place and will eventually help build a better generation. Some other intangible benefits of community service are:

  • It helps others around us realize the significance of community service
  • It enables team spirit and collaboration
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills get inculcated
  • Empathy and compassion – much needed attributes
  • Lasting peace and joy – several studies have proven a strong connection between helping people and spreading joy leads to inner peace and personal satisfaction.

Education is not equivalent to literacy or acquiring employability skills but in its truest sense, it means developing an EQ and sensitivity to the problems of the world and stepping up to the plate to solve these problems. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow and when they inherit the world, they should be able to do better than the previous generations. To enable that, Prometheus School believes in ensuring every student becomes responsible and our commitment to community service is a small step in achieving the BIG DREAM.

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