Short Story

Finding a Way

Shreya Sanghani

A little green eye opened, and a furry paw stretched. Rohan was enthralled by the kitten that had just woken up and was blinking at him.

Just then, Devleena and Arnav came running in, each holding a kitten in their arms. Rohan and his friends had rescued the kittens from some street urchins who were pulling their tails and teasing them. At first the kittens had been very frightened but under the loving care of the three friends, they gradually became content and playful.

Arnav brought some milk in a big bowl and the three watched the kittens lap it up. Devleena burst out: “I wish we could keep all stray animals with us! I hate to see strays on the streets go hungry and be beaten up by cruel people.”

“I wish we could do that, but we can’t even keep these kittens! We have to find nice homes for them, because I don’t think our parents will let us keep them with us. I asked my Mom this morning and she refused,” added Rohan.

Their friend, Vishal, who was listening, joined the conversation. “I know you all want to help strays but why are you ready to give up your goal so easily?” he asked.

Devleena placed her hands on her hips. “Okay, tell us what to do, Mr. Smarty Pants. Will you take care of all of them?”

“Hey, cool it,” Vishal said, “I’m just trying to help. It was great that you rescued these kittens. You made a difference to their lives. So why not make a greater impact by helping other strays too?”

“We’d love to,. Vishal, but our parents won’t cooperate,” Arnav sighed.

“I know you can’t keep the kittens. But why don’t you find people who want to? We all have aunts and friends who love animals. Why don’t we talk to them?” suggested Vishal.

“You are right, Vishal,” said Devleena. “We should look for stray animals to help, and find homes for them. Between us all, we know so many people who love pets.”

“Perhaps we should put a notice on our class bulletin board,” suggested Rohan. “Hey, look!”

The others turned. One kitten had climbed into Rohan’s shoe. They were playing, and they looked very cute.

They all laughed. Now they were sure they could ensure a good future for their cute furry friends.

Teacher’s Corner

Divide the class into four groups. Assign one of the following topics to each group.

• Education for all
• Don’t cut trees
• Stop animal cruelty
• Fight terrorism

Ask the children to plan an awareness programme on their assigned topic. Help them research the topic, prepare placards and make a presentation on the issue.

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