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Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida (West)
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Co-ed Day School




Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida (West) is a co-educational day school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school is an initiative of the Shri Ram Education Trust with luminaries like Vivek Bharat Ram, Sukanya Bharat Ram and Ajay Kumar Sharma as trustees. The school’s directors include Sanjeev, Jyoti and Pranav Kapur – a prominent business family known for successfully running the B L Kapur Chain of Hospitals and M K K Arya School in Panipat. Geeta Varshneya, an educationist and administrator, is the founder executive principal.

The school is a recipient of the “Best Emerging School” in North India award by Abhinav Bindra under the National Quality Excellence Awards and the “Best School award” for providing futuristic foundation by Rethink India Ltd.

Apart from these, the school was recently recognized for its valuable and exemplary contribution to the education community by ARDORCOM in 2021-22 and for its excellence in “Adapting Holistic Pedagogy” in ELDROK INDIA K-12 Awards, 2021-22.

Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida is an institution conceptualised to impart progressive K-12 education, coupled with development of values and personality traits that breed achievers.


Sprawled over four acres, the school campus hosts 64 modern classrooms (25 in use at the moment) and 16 activity rooms. All 25 classrooms are equipped with smart boards and TATA Class Edge Resources.

Facilities also include Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories with 3D modelling and printing (till Grade XII); state of-the-art library with kindle reader, music and high-end ICT sections; right brain development laboratory; STEM laboratory with artificial intelligence, VR and maker space.

Co-curricular activities include art, music, dance, yoga, aerobics and instrumental music studios.


In pre-primary classes, the schools follows sensory approach to imparting learning. Children use all five senses to internalise concepts in literacy and numeracy. The play and circle times are an important part of their daily routine.

In primary classes and above, experiential learning continues with diverse projects in all subjects. The learning can be presented in audio-visual-kinesthetic presentations. Encouraging curiosity through questions is common for new concepts in the classrooms. Guiding question for teachers is – How many thinking moments did my students have in class today? Role plays and debates can be frequently seen in the classrooms, on curricular topics. 

From grade IX onwards, career counseling and coaching are available for various higher education streams like law, journalism, designing, medicine, commerce, data sciences, engineering, aerospace, biotech, agriculture, sports, retail and many more.

Summer Internship Programme is conducted for students in various sectors/industries, for firsthand experience.

Notable features of the school curriculum include:

  • Right Brain Development Curriculum from nursery through grade 1. These techniques ensure that no child is left behind in the class.
  • The visual and performing arts curriculum is very rich with traditional art forms and classical music and dance as the base subjects and global genres used for exposure.
  • Inculcation of good habits like greeting, hygiene, meditation, cleanliness, etc.
  • Every child becomes a good communicator through regular practice in public speaking.
  • Personality development modules for grades 1-8 covering manners and etiquettes, usage of appropriate vocabulary, problem solving and group discussion techniques.
  • Leadership camps.

Some important USP’s of the school that makes Shri Ram Global School special

  • The Shriram legacy inspires all stakeholders of the school to demonstrate excellence in thought process and action. The processes are set and adaptation easy. The curriculum is well-researched and vetted by a panel of expert educationists in practice.
  • The recruitment and training process of faculty is very rigorous. Continuous training, implementation, observation and feedback cycle ensure quick pressing out of all creases.
  • The excellent teacher-student ratio ensures that the teacher is able to deliver differential teaching as per the diverse needs of a learner.
  • A comprehensive timetable ensures exposure of students to a wide variety of activities in arts, culture, literature, sports, etc. Clubs, on one hand, give education in citizenship and on the other hand nurture specific interests of students.
  • The beautiful learning spaces, be it the world-class library with kindles, research and music sections; the art, music, dance and instrumental music studios; The STEM laboratory with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and maker space; an auditorium; Mathematics laboratory; Physics, Chemistry, Biology laboratory; Computer science laboratory with 3D designing and printing; indoor badminton, table tennis and yoga and aerobics lounges; outdoor skating, football, cricket, swimming pool and splash pool, 400 metres athletic track, etc. with passionate facilitators.
  • The global connect is visible with the collaborative projects of students from grades 5-9 with schools in London. The school has received “Connecting Classroom” grant from The British Council.

Head of Institute

Sabita Seth

General Information

Admission Age
3 years
Teacher Student Ratio
Student Mix
Boys and girls
No of Students
Campus Size
4 acres
Internet Wi-Fi
Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Swimming, Chess, Carom Board, Table Tennis, Basketball, Splash Pool


At Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida, the age limit for nursery admissions is 3+ years, for other classes consequent age requirement follows.

Admission process

Step 1: Registration form to be filled by the parent offline or online and payment of INR 1000 to be done
Step 2: Interaction with the teacher offline or online
Step 3: Interaction with the principal
Step 4: Payment of fees within three days of positive interaction result
Step 5: Orientation of student and parents

Admissions for the next academic session begin in the month of September of the previous academic year and continue till the following year May. May is the deadline for the ensuing academic year (except few transfer cases).


The fee structure for academic session 2021-22 is as follows.

Session 2021-22:      
Single Child Pre-Primary Class 1-5 Class 6 – onwards
Registration 1000 1000 1000
Admission Fee 30,000 (after 50% discount on 60000) 30,000 (after 50% discount on 60000) 30,000 (after 50% discount on 60000)
Annual Fee 84,000 90,000 96,000


Scholastic Achievements – Olympiad

International Mathematics Olympiad by SOF

S. No Name of Child Prize / Achievement Name of Competition Date of Competition
Zonal Rank International Rank
1 Pratyksha Mishra 23 23 Mathematics  Olympiad 2019-2020
2 Vivan Goel 23 23 Mathematics  Olympiad 2019-2020
3 Samar Tomar 189 237 Mathematics  Olympiad 2019-2020
4 Pratyksha Mishra 23 23 Mathematics  Olympiad 2019-2020
5 Vivaan Goel 23 23 Mathematics  Olympiad 2019-2020
6 Amolika Chandel 980 1693 Mathematics  Olympiad 2019-2020
7 Ishaan Aashish Saini 2327 6508 Mathematics  Olympiad 2019-2020

SOF International English Olympiad

S. No Name of Child Prize / Achievement Name of Competition Date of Competition
Zonal Rank International Rank
1 Amolika  Chandel 81 145 English Olympiad 2019-2020
2 Vivekananda Reddy 337 681 English Olympiad 2019-2020
3 Samar Tomar 321 639 English Olympiad 2019-2020
4 Aanya Rana 267 539 English Olympiad 2019-2020
5 Ishaan Aashish Saini 502 1306 English Olympiad 2019-2020

SOF International Science Olympiad 

S. No Name of Child Prize / Achievement Name of Competition Date of Competition
Zonal Rank International Rank
1 Yuvraj Singh Dasaur 464 600 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020
2 Kaustubh Sharma 300 450 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020
3 Aanya Rana 313 464 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020
4 Mehul Nehra 246 380 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020
5 Pratyksha Mishra 291 443 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020
6 Amolika Chandel 226 311 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020
7 Vivekananda Reddy 361 495 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020
8 Riya Kumari 332 456 Science  Olympiad 2019-2020


 Spell Bee Competition
1 Shivansh Thakur Star Performance CREST International Spell Bee (CSB) August 19, 2020
2 Akshat Srivastava International Rank 2 CREST International Spell Bee (CSB) August 19, 2020


S. No Name of Student Prize/Achievement Name of the Competition / School
1 Patriotic Group Singing 3rd Prize – Jash ne Hind Razzle Dance – 2019 Inter School Competition at K.D.B Public School
2 Aananya Manav Prasad 2nd Prize – Sustainable Fashion Fiesta
3 Amolika Chandel 3rd Prize -Fable with Twist
4 Group Dance 2nd Prize “Rhythmic Feet 2019”  Inter School Competition at BGS Vijnatham School
5 Ishaan Aashish Saini, Tanisha Winners Robotics Workshop At Sheoran International School
6 Akshada, Aleena and Satakshi 1st Runner Up
7 Aadya Kashyap Star Performer Art Competition At J M International School
8 Kritika Kumari Star Performer
9 Shivyansh Thakur  3rd Position On 12 August, 2020 -Offline Competition (video based) – The Manthan School Edge-2020
10 Anahita Kureel 3rd Position  
11 Adwitiya 3rd Position On 18 & 19 August, 2020 – Online Competition – Sarvottam International  School, Noida Extension, Spectrum 2020
12 Satvik Hurrah 3rd Position
13  Aanya Rana 2nd Position
14 Savya Sharma Certificate of Honor Online MUN held at DPSGV on  25 and 26 July, 2020
15 Manomay 1st Position Offline Competition –  The Millennium School
16 Arnav Tiwari 3rd Position
17 Kanak Kureel 3rd Position


1 Campaign –  Save Water and Environment 21 July 2019
2 2nd Road Safety Week, Online  Activities 8 October 2020
3 Poster – Use Mask and Follow Social Distancing sent to Societies in Greater Noida West September and October 2020

Inter-school competitions 2020-2021

S. No Name of Student Prize / Achievement Name of the  School
1 Anahta Kureel First Google Doodle Art The Millenium School
2 Aleena Khan Third Mould it out for Lippan Art The Millenium School
3 Arham Jain Third Paper Tearing & Pasting The Millenium School
4 Adwitiya Pradhan First DIG Uttam School, Ghaziabad
5 Anaya Chauhan Third Twist in the tale  Uttam School, Ghaziabad
6 Adhavan Gupta First AD MAD Sheoran School,GNW
7 Kushagra Kumar First Mandala Art Modern School, Ghaziabad
8 Vaishnavi Second Leaf Printing Impression Modern School, Ghaziabad
9 Satvik Hurrha Third  My Invention (Cartoon) Modern School, Ghaziabad
10  Bhavya , Bhavika, Drashika, Shrivastava, Anshika Arora, Ishani Labh FIRST

Lets Hop with a Prop

Fortune World School
11 Pearl Chatterji, Rishita Mishra, Vrishti Walia  Second, Sketch the Glimpse Fortune World School
12 Priya Khatri First Evolution of AI Fortune World School
13 Disha Pandey First Yoga for Healthy Life Fortune World School
14  Shreya Kashyap First Trickle n Trackle Fortune World School
15 Poorvi Singh First Asanas for All  Fortune World School
16 Shubra Das Second The Chat Show Fortune World School
17 Arnav Mittal Second Shutter the World Fortune World School
18 Ayushi Singh Third Lifeboat  Fortune World School
19 Navya Verma  Third Get it or Regret it Fortune World School
20 Adhira Verma Third Cut and Create Fortune World School
21 Amaira Dutt Third Asanas for All  Fortune World School
24 Aksh Chauhan Second U-14 yoga Global Indian School, Noida
25 Raghav Pahwa Third Hindi Rap Modern School, Noida
26 Vihaan Jindal Fourth Scratch programming Modern School, Noida
27 Aditi Rathi Fifth Collage Making Modern School, Noida
28 Kaira Singh Consolation Desh ki Shaan Modern School, Noida
29 Shivyansh Thakur First दोहावली Jaypee School, Noida
30 Mansha Khurana Third Madhubani Folk Art Jaypee School, Noida

Scholastic Achievements: Science Olympiad Foundation (2020-2021)

S. No Name of Child Prize / Achievement Session of Competition
Zonal Rank International Rank
1 Samarth Parashar 37 53 2020-21
2 Archismaan 137 1626 2020-21
3 Adhira 317 4734 2020-21

English Olympiad

S. No Name of Child Prize / Achievement Session of Competition
Zonal Rank International Rank
1 Amolika Chandel 17 18 2020-21
2 Manasyu Panda 164 1624 2020-21
3 Siddhiksha Mittal 280 3906 2020-21

Hindi Olympiad

S. No Name of Child Percentage Session of Competition
1 Priya Khatri 29 2020-21
2 Ishani Labh 176 2020-21
3 Samridhi Pathak 180 2020-21
4 Anahita Kureel 470 2020-21

Inter School Competitions 2020-2021

S. No Name of Student Prize / Achievement Name of the  School
1 Manomay First Clay Art Animals The Millenium School
2 Kanak Kureel Second Rangoli Making The Millenium School
3 Arnav Tiwari Third Mask Making The Millenium School
4 Aanya Rana Second Spirit in Dance Sarvottam School
5 Satvik Hurrah Third Tasteful Table Sarvottam School
6 Adwitiya Third Tell-a- Tale Sarvottam School
7 Chahat Saini Third I know What I Say BGS Vijnatham
8 Miraya Sharma Third The Sitaras BGS Vijnatham
9 Aradhya Singh Third T-shirt Painting Salvation School
10 Jenika Jitendra Asat Second Feel the Beat DLF School
11 Shivansh Thakur Third Hindi Meri Pehchaan The Manthan School
12 Anahita Kureel Third Veer Ras Kavita TheManthan School
13 Anahita Kureel First Reset, Reboot and Reinstall Learners International School
14 Divyana Sharma First Taal Se Taal Mila
15 Shreyansh Bhardwaj Second Be the Voice of the Voiceless
16 Tanishqa Srivastava Second Pandemic Chef
17 Evanya Gupta Second Pandemic chef
18 Amolika Chandel Second Fashionista
19 Vaanya Nagar Second Grace & Elegance
20 Mishika Chauhan Second Grace & Elegance
21 Avni Sharma Second Instacapture
22 Ruhani Second Precious Parable
23 Krishvi Srvastava Third Drop The Beat
24 Parya Thakur Third Grace & Elegance
25 Dahlia Vrma Third Green O Marvella
26 Shreyans Third little Einstein

Spell Bee Results

  • Akshat Srivastava International Rank 2
  • Shivansh Thakur Star Performer

International Annual Fest (held on 29th December 2020)

15 schools participated from five Indian states and eight schools participated from four countries (Nepal, Kuwait, United Kingdom, U.A.E)

S. No Name of Student Prize / Achievement
1 Bhavya Malik First News Desk
2 Lavanya Aghi First Innovation And Me
3 Ishani Labh Second My Santa Story


Being a day school, Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida (West) does not offer accommodation facility. 


EW Ranking

Total Score: 1079


Website :

Address : HS 03, Tech Zone-7, Greater Noida West, Noida Extension, Gautam Budh Nagar Noida (U.P)-203207

Email : [email protected]

Contact : 9999114473, 9319290071, 9319290065, 9319290069, 0120-6051182

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HS 03, Tech Zone-7, Greater Noida West, Noida Extension, Gautam Budh Nagar Noida (U.P)-203207
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