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Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore inaugurates unmedicated childbirth center

August 22, 2023

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has inaugurated an exclusive center tailored for medication-free childbirth, named the SRH Birthing Center, which also encompasses a water birth facility. The grand opening of this center took place on August 18, 2023, within the premises of the Sri Ramakrishna Multi Specialty Hospital.

This visionary initiative is spearheaded by Swathy Rohit, the Chief Operating Officer of SNR Charitable Trust, who is steering the establishment of this natural birthing center. The inaugural event was graced by the presence of D. Lakshminarayanaswamy, the Managing Trustee, and R. Sundar, the Joint Managing Trustee of the SNR Charitable Trust.

In recent generations, the term “natural birth” has grown less common. However, its true essence involves delivering a child without the influence of medications. Typically, approximately 85 to 90% of pregnancies have the potential for a natural delivery, while the remaining 10 to 15% might necessitate medical interventions.

In an endeavor to offer secure and viable options for natural childbirth, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital introduces the “SRH Birthing Center.” This center caters to natural and water birth deliveries, thereby facilitating the birthing process without medical interference.

Swathy Rohit, the Chief Operating Officer, was enthusiastic about incorporating this facility into Sri Ramakrishna Multispeciality Hospital, an institution recognized for its four-decade commitment to maternal care. The hospital has thoughtfully designated an entire floor for these services, providing a welcoming ambiance to expectant couples within a safe environment. These birthing suites are meticulously designed to meet the expectations of families aspiring for minimal interventions during childbirth, focusing on a natural approach.

The center offers a dedicated Labor Delivery Recovery suite (LDR) exclusively for natural childbirth, complemented by a water birth facility. This specialized domain is staffed by adept and experienced gynecologists, nurses, physiotherapists, and doulas, with the backing of Anesthesiologists and Pediatricians to ensure comprehensive care.

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