Stones2Milestones collaborates with Finnish Global Education Solutions

November 16, 2023

Stones2Milestones (S2M), a research-based education technology company has officially partnered with Finnish Global Education Solutions (FGES)—a member of the Education Finland program controlled by the Finnish National Agency for Education. 

This partnership was formalised during a public signing ceremony in Bangalore, Karnataka, attended by distinguished guests such as Finland’s Minister of Education Anna-Maja Henriksson, Chairman of Finnish Global Education Solutions Risto Vahanen, Co-Founder of Stones2Milestones Kavish Gadia, and several other key members.

According to the organisations’ press release S2M and FGES are embarking on a collaborative journey set to revolutionise education worldwide. Their shared initiatives include teacher professional development, introducing the Finnish learning approach into Indian schools—with an initial focus on literacy and numeracy—and developing advanced technology solutions for global deployment. Together, they aim to reshape global ed-tech and create a brighter future for learners worldwide.

The FGES team has also expressed keen interest in adopting S2M’s flagship product, the Freadom reading app, into their educational landscape, given its proven success in enhancing English and reading skills. Undoubtedly, this partnership will serve as a catalyst for harnessing the strengths of both India and Finland.

Commenting on this partnership, Antti Kaskinen, CEO of Finnish Global Education Solutions, stated: “We are thrilled about this collaboration, and together, our two companies are poised to introduce groundbreaking solutions that will benefit learners worldwide. We are equally enthusiastic about launching S2M’s flagship product, the Freadom reading app, on the international stage.”

Co-founder of Stones2Milestones Kavish Gadia conveyed his enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership holds the promise of leveraging the strengths of both our nations to revolutionise the global ed-tech landscape. S2M’s technological expertise and extensive reach in India will enable us to bring the best Finnish solutions to India while allowing us to jointly develop world-class technology solutions for FGES to take to the global stage.”

In conclusion, the partnership between S2M and FGES embodies a shared commitment to unlock the potential of students worldwide. With a dedicated focus on redefining education technology and creating innovative, well-designed resources for educators, this collaboration sets the stage for a transformative global impact.
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