Students Corner: Sanah Tripathi & Ananya Satish, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya

EducationWorld’s series titled Students’ Corner, which puts special emphasis on children, features Sanah Tripathi and Ananya Satish from Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Sanah Tripathi, Editor-In-Chief, has her career interests in Actuarial Sciences & Finances and has taken up Commerce with the combination of Mathematics. Her hobbies include reading, public speaking, writing and sports. In the future, she has plans to pursue Economics.
Ananya Satish, Secretary Round Square, has taken up Humanities along with Psychology, Sociology, Political Science and Legal Studies. Her hobbies include dancing, playing badminton, basketball, writing and public speaking. She wants to study Law and apply for barristership in the United Kingdom.

The Students council representative is a coveted position. How do you carry out your responsibilities and studies together?  

While the posts we carry come with great responsibilities and duties, in a way they come to us naturally. Since we have been putting in work and effort towards the jobs that we do alongside our extracurriculars and co-curriculars, our work has become a part of our routine. Although changes take time to adapt to and our new positions were definitely a challenge to us in the initial stages, our responsibilities helped us imbibe time management skills and made us more efficient.

Mention the challenges that come alongside this post. 

As mentioned above, time management was definitely one of the problems that we faced earlier. In the post pandemic phase, we all lost the rigid schedule that we were used to and became laid back in a way. While being a leader in itself is a hasslesome task, we also faced problems with our academics and other activities initially. 

Working as the Head Boy/Head Girl has its own pros and cons. Friends have their umpteen demands on you. How do you maintain the same? How do you deal with your friends? 

Working as the Head Girl definitely has some pros and cons to it. You’re shouldered with numerous responsibilities and tasks all the time. Ensuring my classmate’s compliance in all events along with equal participation is surely not easy. While I have various shortcomings and flaws, my friends have played an important part in molding me into a leader that doesn’t only lead from the frontlines, but instead, walks along with the members she leads. They point me out when I’m lacking and making mistakes, for which I remain truly grateful.

How long do you spend on social media? If yes, how does it help you in life or how does it distract you in life? (Whichever is applicable for you)

 Living in a boarding school, we tend to stay away from all social platforms most of the time. In a student’s life it does more harm than good according to us. It becomes distracting and addicting very often. But it also helps build relations and stay connected. In a way it’s a double-edged sword. When handled with caution, it produces the best outcomes.

Have you understood the National Education Policy 2020’s takeaways? Yes, we believe that according to the new policy, teachers play a vital role and act as counselors too. In a student’s life teachers act as guiding lights and influence their decisions greatly. Because the new policy aims at providing for more opportunities and facilities, a child’s confusion is also bound to grow. In order to help the students make the right decisions, the teachers too, must remain meticulous and driven.

Do you think your post helps you develop your soft skills and makes you industry-ready? Or is this very much related to school activities only, and the industry is way different? Your views. 

It would be an understatement to say that our posts help us develop soft skills. These positions have helped us imbibe and inculcate values and skills that will play an essential role in our futures. We have become better communicators, team workers and listeners in a short span of time due to the responsibilities and hurdles we face everyday. Dealing with people on a regular basis has made us change our perspectives and think in terms of long-term goals rather than being myopic. It is definitely not only related to our academic performances and school activities. We believe that even in our future workplaces, we would be able to put these skills to work and utilise them efficiently.

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