Swarrnim University brings traditional arts from Kutch to its campus

Swarrnim University brings traditional arts from Kutch to its campus

February 23, 2022

The Design Department of Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University organized an ‘Explore Kutch’ exhibition between 17th to 19th of February, 2022. The exhibition was inaugurated by Adi Jain, Vice President, Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University in the presence of Dr. Kartik Jain, Provost, Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University & leading Fashion Designer Disha Vadgam. 

Students of Swarrnim Institute of Design visited Kutch to discover and learn the traditional arts such as; The Rogan Art, pottery, block printing, tie & dye, Macramé, directly from its home. They also learned about the Architecture and Interior Designs of the region through visits to the ancient monuments there. Students brought back the learning from Kutch to the studios of Swarrnim Campus and recreated artforms and prototypes of Kutch traditions. The ‘Explore Kutch’ Exhibition was the reflection and outcome of the learnings of students from their kutch visit, which was part of the immersive learning philosophy of Swarrnim. 

The visitors to the exhibition were welcomed to more than 100 products, prototypes, layouts, plans and technical drawings created by the students.  Live demonstrations of block printing, Rogan Art, Tie & Dye, Macramé, Pottery gave the visitors an opportunity to understand the art forms of Kutch and sampling of Kutchi food the taste of their culture. Garments, accessories, and embellishment elements, inspired by traditional art forms, were made by the students of the Design Department at Swarrnim for the exhibits. Prag Mahal was chosen from architecture as well as interior design to explore historical facts of the past. Core Architectural, interior and exterior values of Kutch were showcased by the students using all modes of design experience. Students from all five departments of  Swarrnim Institute of Design worked as a team complimenting each other to make this exhibition a success. 

A coffee table book capturing the essence of the students’ visit to Kutch and their discovery of traditional art was unveiled at the exhibition, by Dr Kartik Jain and a documentary type video presentation of immersive learning through Kutch visit was a visual treat to the visitors. The event witnessed a footfall of more than 3000 visitors who were extremely pleased with their experience at the ‘Explore Kutch.’ 

Dr. Maulik Shah, Head of Design Department said, “We focus on the real learning experience of the students & emphasis on the practical exposure. Our students have explored the art, design & culture of Kutch. They have recreated products, prototypes, live demonstrations, plans, layouts, technical drawings, and documents from the learning at Kutch & displayed it at the exhibition. Apart from this, the exhibition has taught the students to work as a team by complimenting each others’ core specializations like in a real-life professional environment. It has also given a boost to their entrepreneurial spirit, as the exhibition attracted some high value purchases.”

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