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Tarotscopes: Forecast for July 15-August 15

Tarotscopes: Forecast for December 15-January 15

December 22, 2022

Tarotscopes: Forecast for July 15-August 15

Chandana Chavan is a Bangalore-based tarot card reader with over 15 years of experience and special interest in parenting. Instagram:@mystic.muse.tarot

Forecast for December 15-January 15


ARIES: 5 of Pentacles

You need to believe that your child will succeed in life. You have done all you can. It’s time to let go. Allow her the freedom to venture forth into the world. You can’t protect her always and from everything.

TAURUS: 6 of Cups

Maintaining family harmony is your responsibil­ity. If there is discord among your children, offer words of wisdom instead of trying to sort out disputes. Allow them to set the course of their relationship. Re­main neutral.

GEMINI: 5 of Swords

Reflect upon your parenting style. Re-evaluate how you choose to behave with your child. Perhaps you need a change of style. Observe, contem­plate, strategize.

CANCER: Ace of Wands

Team effort seems to be paying off! Your child is benefiting from the positive effects of disci­plined/firm parenting and so are you. It’s bridging the gap between ignorance and awareness. Your child has attained the level of maturity to understand why you took some hard decisions.

LEO: Ace of Pentacles

Give your child the allowance she has been asking for. Only then will you be able to assess how wisely she is using it. It’s worth the risk. If you under­stand how she is handling her finances, you can teach her better ways to manage money.

VIRGO: 5 of Cups

A sense of disappointment and rejection seems to be lurking. Sometimes not getting what she wants is a good lesson for your child. Obstacles are detours in the right direction. Let her take her time to get back on her feet.

LIBRA: The Empress

Mother knows best! Teaming up with your children gives them support and direction. Your bond and rapport with your children is strong. Be the light and allow them to come to you when they feel lost and need counseling.

SCORPIO: Wheel of Fortune

Grab your kid and hang on! There’s about to be a sudden turn of events in your life. There won’t be time to plan or think. There’s no way of getting off this roller coaster. You might as well enjoy the ride.

SAGITTARIUS: Queen of Pentacles

You have/will have more than enough to finan­cially support your child’s dreams and ambitions. Your child is mature and has probably thought through her higher education and career choices. But if she is still undecided, let her explore all options. She will make an informed decision.

CAPRICORN: 9 of Pentacles

Your child wants personal space. Give it to her. She has an innate desire for independence and solitude. There’s nothing wrong in her wanting to be on her own.


Remember, the rules have to be the same for you and your child. Beware of double standards. You are setting an example for her. If the rules are different explain why. You will get a taste of your own medicine when she becomes an adult. Be careful.

PISCES: 4 of Wands

Encourage family time. Teach your child fam­ily values, traditions and culture. Encourage her to practice meditation and breathing exercises to remain calm and composed.

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