Teaching children to nurture relationships

PW invited parents of MPS International School, Jaipur to share insights on how they teach their children the importance of personal relationships

“I believe defining relationships and drawing boundaries are the first important lesson that we must teach children as they mature. My ten-year-old daughter Maanya (class V) and six-year-old son Prakhar understand the values of inter-personal relationships and how time, however precious, must be invested to nurture them in the best possible manner.

Children easily learn and imitate our behaviour with family members, domestic staff, friends and neighbours. I have also taught them how healthy relationships can boost our emotional strength required to face life’s challenges.”  — Ruchi Biyani, chief manager, State Bank of India


“When I spend quality time with my child, I also teach him valuable lessons on the way. I have taught my 12-year-old son Vinayak (class VII) to observe others’ behaviour to determine different kinds of relationships. In my open discussions with him, I explain how mutual respect regardless of age and gender, trust and communication form the basis of healthy relationships and how being judgemental can ruin everyrthing.” — Archana Nag, academic coordinator, Dolphins International School


“In my opinion, communication is of utmost importance in forging healthy relationships. Our seven-year-old daughter Ekeesha (class III) is learning to understand this because we make the time to give her our attention. We always give her a patient hearing and reiterate that trust and respect are at the core of all positive relationships. Moreover we highlight the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.” — Gaurav Dhall, deputy general manager, regulatory, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd


“I believe parents are the ultimate role models for their children. Every word, moment and action counts. What better learning platform than a joint family, where we have freedom to ask questions and encourage open discussions with parents as well as grandparents? Every family has to deal with relationship highs and lows which is a subject worth discussing with your child. I have taught my daughters —11-year-old Dakshita (class VI) and five-year-old Mahika — how to command respect in a relationship and the importance of good manners, understanding and conduct.” — Dr. Yogendra Tyagi, dental surgeon, Ambey Dental Clinic

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