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Tech-Avant-Garde’s KLC Season 2 program now open for sponsorship

February 3, 2021

To help 40,000 Indian schools to “Go Digital” and save formal education post-Covid-19, Eddna Samuel, Director, Motif India, has unleashed a sponsorship and marketing blitz for Season 2 of the Knowledge L’avenir Conclave (KLC) webinars for school teachers starting from February 1, 2021. KLC is the largest social learning platform for 25+ mn (2.5+ crore) Indian teachers from 1.8 mn Indian schools (18 lakh) created by Tech Avant-Garde (TAG), Microsoft’s Global Training Partner and ISV.

Motif India will seek sponsors to cover the estimated cost of USD 5 million for conducting 100 webinars, training and certification for 200,000 teachers from 40,000 Indian schools. Once again,Eddna Samuel has taken the responsibility of raising these funds for the noble cause “Save Teacher Save Formal Education”.

In the KLC webinars conducted between September and December 2020, teachers empowered teachers and 150,000 teachers got trained on how to use technology. Fourteen teachers from each DTHL school were selected to exhibit their digital teaching skills on each day of the 72 KLC webinars.  This time around TAG is planning to train two hundred thousand teachers on DTHL coordinator course and certify them. One hundred webinars are planned for the next five months.

Ali Sait

Ali Sait

To start the process of Digital Transformation in education especially during COVID time, TAG devised a very comprehensive program to transform the brick-n-mortar school to a Connected Digital Learning Community (CLC).  This program is called the Digital Transformation and Holistic Learning (DTHL) Program.

“2020 was a unique year for education, Digital Transformation had become a necessity. Hand holding school in crisis was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, we grabbed it with both our hands and made the difference. Without Eddna’s support turning the wheels would have been difficult,” said Ali Sait, CEO, Tech Avant-Garde.  

Eddna Samuel

Eddna Samuel

“Five million lady teachers work in the K12 segment; my dream is to empower every one of them, by training them on digital teaching skills. This will save formal education, teachers will be “Future Ready”. TAG is doing a great job and I am proud to be associated with them in this Wind of Change,” added Eddna Samuel – Director Motif India. 

Under the DTHL program administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students are trained on how to use technology in the digital teaching-learning process.  Teachers are trained and certified as MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) and MIE Trainers.

Schools who enrolled for the DTHL program were graduated as a digital school in the Carte Blanche Graduation ceremonies. Every stakeholder of the school viz., Administrator, Principal, Educator, Student and Parent got certificates for “Going Digital”.

Knowledge L’avenir Conclaves, MIE certificates, MIE Trainer training and certificates, Carte Blanche Graduation ceremonies and stakeholder certification came at a huge cost.  The cost was borne by philanthropists and corporates CSR. The organizations who helped and funded the Digital Transformation in education were Microsoft, Lycee Corp, Efeeonline, Ararat, Knowledge Key Foundation, Odin, Roshini Social Schooling, Azvasa, ICICI Bank, Tech Avant-Garde to name a few.

Digital Transformation of education in India is an emergency. Being the youngest and the largest country in the world, it cannot afford one more year of non-schooling. This will have an adverse effect on the future “Human Capital”. The Connected Learning Community should start here and it should Start now!

TAG has set new benchmark for Digital School – Carte Blanche Graduation. The Management of such schools will be awarded with Transformist Certification; Principal will be awarded with Change Maker Certification; DTHL Coordinators will be awarded with Digital Catalyst Certification; Teacher with digital skills will be presented with Empowered Educator Certification; Students will be presented with Connected Learner Certification; The parent will be presented with Participative Parent Certification; School will be eligible to become Microsoft Showcase School; Teachers who have given presentations in KLC will be trained to become MIE Trainers; School will get special offers on Digital Fee Collection subscription from BBPS (Bharat Bill Pay System) on Efeeonline.

The learning ecosystem involves many parties: students, teachers, parents, administrators, government agencies and the community at large. Digital Transformation in education forms the confines of today’s brick and mortar schools; to a Connected Learning Community. The Connected Learning Community is a vision for lifelong learning. Connected learning today and in the future gives rise to a next-generation learning ecosystem powered by technology solutions that support highly accessible, engaging, and personalized learning for the “Knowledge Age”.

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