Teenage girls suffer worse mental health than boys

Adolescent girl children suffer worse mental health and well-being problems than their male counterparts, says a study published in the journal Research Papers in Education (December). The study which surveyed 11,000 adolescents in the UK, reveals that of the 15 percent who reported self-harm, 73 percent were girls cf. 27 percent boys. Moreover 78 percent of teen girls are significantly more likely to experience negative moods (cf. 22 percent) and 79 reported poor self-image (cf. 21 percent).

“Young people respond by focusing more on the self and less on societal structures likely to promote mental ill health. Girls and young women tend to internalise systemic problems and blame themselves,” says lead author Dr. Dimitra Hartas, associate professor at the Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick, who conducted the study.

Warwick researchers also highlight that adolescents from low-income families are more likely to report poor-life satisfaction than those from wealthier homes.

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