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Telengana: Teachers want physical classes to resume soon

Telengana: Teachers want physical classes to resume soon

July 29, 2021

Teachers and school managements in Telengana are of the opinion to re-open classes for the primary students as they are unable to follow in online mode. Many states have also been planning to resume physical classes for high school students.

Teachers from many institutions feel that offline classes should resume for the junior students for atleast two days a week. Even as per ICMR, the impact of Covid-19 on children under the age group of 10 is much less when compared with elder children and adults. Why not start physical classes for them as well, said V Amarnath, director, Slate-The School.

The students have been affected very badly. They are running low on their confidence and their communication skills too have taken a backseat. The holistic development of the child has been impacted, said Amarnath.

Most teachers by now have been vaccinated. Apart from them, most parents have been vaccinated too. Hence the risk of spreading the disease lessens. There should, however, be a proper sanitisation process, Covid-appropriate behaviour followed before resuming the classes, M Ravinder, a government teacher. The teacher also added that students have also been facing memory loss and concepts were getting less clearer to them.

Parents too want their wards to begin attending schools, but they too agree that these decisions are very serious and cannot be taken in haste. A proper committee should be formed to weigh the matter and understand the consequences. The primary concern should be health and safety and no compromise should be made there.

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