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The Ardee Montessori School, Sujan Singh Park





Established in 2003, The Ardee Montessori School is spread over half an acre in Lutyen’s Delhi. The school houses a Montessori teacher training center ensuring availability of well- trained Montessori faculty to students.

The school works in close partnership with parents. Workshops and open houses are held regularly to sensitize parents about the Montessori philosophy and discuss parenting issues. A successful “Nido” program brings in young mothers with toddlers of 18 months to be part of a specially designed mother and child Montessori interactive circle time.

The school is "bag free" with vegetarian meals provided by the school to all children. All books and teaching-learning materials are provided in the school. To encourage a paper free environment all school communication is via email.


The campus is built using eco friendly materials. Outdoors is a wooden play jungle gym with no swings and amusement rides. The abundantly green campus attracts butterflies, caterpillars and winged insects which the children are able to study and appreciate.

The sandpit and water pool encourage children to play, explore and enjoy. Each nook and corner on the campus houses objects which stimulate children. The stair bridge is built for children to practice their skills of climbing stairs, balancing beams help children practice balance. The free compost corner helps children understand how degradable and non-biodegradable trash is sorted. The amphitheater is for stage performances by children. Wooden art easels and benches are placed outdoors for children to draw and paint.

All classrooms provide neutral color wooden shelves containing Montessori didactic materials with a book corner. Each classroom also has a wooden send with broom, dustpan and brush to encourage children to clean the spills in the room.


The school follows the Montessori method of preschool education delivered by well-trained Montessori teachers.

Ardee caters to children between 18 months and 5 years of age. Children choose their work from among Montessori materials displayed on open shelves, and they work in specific areas. In the Montessori primary, five distinct areas constitute the prepared environment:

  1. Exercises of practical life
  2. Sensorial activities
  3. Mathematics
  4. Language
  5. Cultural activities [history, geography, botany & zoology]

Added to this are field trips, heritage walks, art and music, yoga and sports activities. Project and group work forms an integral part of the curriculum. Calendar activities include national days, book reports, speech & recitation days, festivals and topical events.

General Information

Admission Age
1 Year And 6 Months
Teacher Student Ratio


Admissions are open to children who are 2+ years. Registration of children should be done in January.

Admission to the NIDO program is done twice a year once in October (registration in July) and April (registration in January)

A casual interaction is held with parents before final admission.


The school works in close partnership with parents. Workshops and open houses are held regularly to sensitize parents about the Montessori philosophy and discuss parenting issues.



Website : http://theardeeschool.com/

Address : Maharishi Raman Marg

Email : [email protected]

Contact : 1124648089

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