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The Era of the Teacherpreneurship

Teacherpreneurship is a combination of teacher and entrepreneurship, wherein the focus is on the teachers, who are ready to take risks, in making profitable learning experience for their students. It describes their relentless effort for the betterment of the education system. Teacherpreneurship is the mindset of the teacher to create something unique and innovative, based on leadership, both for profitable or non-profitable reasons. The teachers of Entrepreneurship or Business impart lessons to the students on how to incubate an idea and how to implement it. Therefore, the teacher is the right person to introduce entrepreneurship skills in the classroom, as teacherpreneurship is an expanded form of entrepreneurship, which adds value to the context of education and leads to an innovative and pioneering education system.
Teachers have a lot to offer to the students like, honed skill-set in management, planning and social arena, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. Though it is considered to be a part of the regular curriculum, teachers themselves does not take this as an opportunity, as they tend to lose interest in being dynamic, over time. In order to develop the appropriate skill-set, teachers need to go beyond the classroom to take up some projects for their students. It is necessary for every teacher, to consult the students professionally and develop them personally, by stepping out of their comfort zone. There are many freelance teachers who have gone global with the help of Technology like online teaching and are earning a good sum of money. These days, online teacherpreneurship is a new trend, where teachers act as an entrepreneur and share their ideas and concepts via online platforms such as social media, blogs or virtual marketplaces, to students globally. Today, teacherpreneurs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the youth by intervening in designing the education policy. Thus, they can work with the policy makers and can work for the overall development of the education system accordingly. Thus they are both an advisor and a leader, as they control improve the education policy.

As future belongs to technology, hence India will also have Virtual Reality Schools soon and for it, the process has already begun. Today, there are various technologies, which are based on voice identification and are used to translate various languages. So, for teacherpreneurship, language is not a barrier. Teacherpreneurship is an essential asset for exploring the unexplored territory, which encourages the teacher to step out of their comfort zone to develop new ideas.

The administrators should take teacherpreneurship positively, in order to bring innovation and excitement to the classroom and should rejuvenate the entire educational system. Teachers, who choose this career option, are dedicated to working with students for their overall progress and love to stay connected with them. Therefore, instructors interested in teacherpreneurship, should approach the organization with the understanding, as teacherpreneurship requires lot of work. Those who have right level of energy and enthusiasm and who think that teacherpreneurship offers flexibility, than they should stay interested in the work, by ensuring better services to the school and education policy system. By doing this, teacherpreneurship can change the world and can also build a unique bond between the teacher and students.

Authored by Sandeep Dutta, HOD Business Studies, Tula’s International School

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