The Joy of Learning at Kangaroo Kids

EducationWorld December 2021 | Magazine Spotlight Feature

Neuroscience suggests that children who receive structured formative education have greater opportunities to learn, grow and succeed in life. We teach the way children learn the best and have worked consistently towards taking teaching beyond the four walls of the classroom and adapted and implemented innovative frameworks to develop 21st century life skills in our young learners:

Happiness is the Key: We believe every child is unique and allow each child to blossom on their own. This approach helps us to safeguard children’s emotional well-being. Besides teaching to achieve learning outcomes, our teachers also design daily activities in such a way that the element of joy is never missed. Most sessions end with magic questions leaving young minds to think, innovate, create and imagine.

Innovative Pedagogy: Our teaching-learning pedagogy has flipped rote learning techniques with a more flexible, hands-on approach thereby encouraging experiential learning. We have created learning spaces to suit the needs of our young learners. Our teaching-learning technique involves activities that spark curiosity in young minds and encourage their ability to question. We believe this ability to question will lead to innovativeness.

Independent learning framework: Encouraging learning with very little or no assistance helps us build a sense of pride in the minds of young learners. We are one preschool that understands this inherent inquisitiveness and uses it to the child’s own advantage. Independent learning is an important component of foundational years.

Peer Learning: Encouraging buddy systems in early years helps us create a sense of empathy in our learners and thereby strengthens emotional stability. Peer collaboration also helps learners adapt to inclusivity and assess their own understanding of concepts. This world belongs to problem solvers and smart decision makers and we at Kangaroo Kids, are committed to build their critical thinking abilities through independent, self-motivated learning and ensuring that life skills development helps young learners build resilience.

Technology and Preschool: Our facilitators and students need to keep abreast of new innovations in the world of technology starting from foundational years. Kangaroo Kids has created a unique I Kan program that integrates traditional preschool methodologies with technology through Ipads. We only assist them in opening their minds to a world of endless knowledge for developing 21st century skills.

Parents as Partners: Children’s formative years are highly impacted by parental involvement. When parents are involved in children’s early education, it boosts their self-confidence and increases their ability to take risks. We create an environment that encourages parental partnership which is an integral part of the curriculum. Parents as guest teachers, volunteers help teachers achieve learning outcomes in a better way and this, in turn, assists parents to understand the methodologies and techniques the school uses to conduct teaching-learning.

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