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The Swingers was founded in 1998 by renowned choreographer B. Murali. The Swingers dance company has gained recognition for its inventive and progressive dance studio. The Swingers has now tied with international dance companies to offer an ‘Internship Affiliate Program.’ It is a six months certificate course for the winners of The Swingers dance company. The studio also strives to create an aura of the dance and performance worlds by displaying student dance art and publicizing dance programs.




Programs/courses: Grooming classes – 3-5 years only: Open level This level is basic rhythmic knowledge, adapting knowledge, musical sense and synchronization of body and mind for tiny-tots (3-5 years of children). Young People Program – 6-11 years It is a one year certified course with 3 levels of incorporating Jazz, Theatre, Hip-Hop, Funk and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Foundation level: (4 months) Basic techniques Jazz and funk – 1 Rhythmic knowledge Jumps and turns Intermediate level: (4 months) Techniques level – 1 Jazz and funk – 2 Hip Hop Musical theater Jumps and turns Advance level: (4 months) Techniques level – 2 Jazz and funk – 3 Theater dance Movement’s notations Professional study for teens and adults 12-30 years This is a one year professional course for teens and adults. The course is structured in 3 levels for an in-depth knowledge in the various dance forms and techniques. Foundation level (4 months) Basic techniques Jazz – 1 Hip Hop – 1 Solo preparations Jumps and turns Intermediate level (4 months) Techniques Jazz and Salsa (L.A style) Postmodern techniques Musical theatre Dance observations Jumps and turns Advance level (4 months) Advance techniques Salsa (L.A style) Contemporary Theatre dance Improvisations Movement’s notations Dance resources counseling

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