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So, is Covid-19 over? No, it’s most certainly not over. I know that’s not the message you want to hear, and it’s definitely not the message I want to deliver. This virus has surprised us at every turn – a storm that has torn through communities… and we still can’t predict its path, or its intensity.

-Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of World Health Organisation addressing the World Health Assembly (United Nations News, May 22)

Online education is the new reality. Teaching fraternity must build new academic dynamics and come forward for developing quality e-learning content, developing SOPs to ensure online learning is not limited to exploitative market forces, and protecting against data imperialism.

-Dharmendra Pradhan, Union education minister (Twitter, May 28)

Let us assume that indeed the mosque was built on the site of a destroyed temple; does that mean we should open a gaping wound now, provoking civil strife today to avenge the past? Is there no case for letting old wounds that have long healed stay undisturbed? To destroy the mosque and replace it with a temple would not right an old wrong but perpetrate a new one.

-Shashi Tharoor, member of Parliament, on the Gyanvapi mosque dispute (The Week, May 29)

There is a need for a new legal framework for NEP to align it with the forward looking provisions of the NEP 2020. Otherwise, the policy will not be able to cross the hurdles created by existing legal provisions and age-old practices.

-Manish Sisodia, education minister, Delhi state, on the National Education Policy 2020 (Financial Express, June 3)

The problem in India is that often when you think an issue is resolved, it isn’t. It crops up in one form or other.

-Aroon Purie, editor, on the Gyanvapi mosque controversy (India Today, June 13)

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