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“If we are to truly uplift the socio-economically disadvantaged sections, working on mission mode to improve quality of education at school and college levels should be the foremost priority… Compelling higher rated institutions like IIMs and IITs to admit underprepared students from socio-economically weaker backgrounds into their Ph D programmes will not correct the ills of a fundamentally flawed system, and may merely push this burning concern under the carpet.”
V. Raghunathan, former IIM-Ahmedabad professor, on news reports that the IIMs are set to introduce reservations in their Ph D programmes (Deccan Herald, November 10)

“Disappointment with education has grown in recent years. Russia’s war with Ukraine and the ongoing destruction of Gaza raise serious questions about the power of education to inculcate basic good sense. Russia, Israel and the US are among the most educated nations of the world, but they have failed to use education to nurture peace.”
Dr. Krishna Kumar, former director of NCERT, in an essay titled ‘The impact of violence on a child’s mind’ (The Hindu, November 24)

“Most Indian higher education institutions have not focused on such collaborations (industry-academia) or on intellectual property and technology transfers. While universities conduct and encourage basic research, many of them do not capitalise on the same research by commercializing their IP; they miss out on potential gains from patents, licensing or start-up companies.”
M Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman, UGC on academia-industry co-operation and collaboration (The Hindu, November 30)

“Today smog is everywhere. Count the concentration of suspended particulate matter, and 10 Indian cities figure in the global Top 12. Mumbai has entered our new dystopian future: its rising skyline has blocked off wind from the sea, and the megalopolis has seen its dirtiest winter this year.”
Aroon Purie, Editor, on new perils of pollution (India Today, December 11)

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