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“Industry must have a voice in universities and training institutes since they’re the end-users who eventually hire people graduating from these places.” — Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressing industry leaders at the CII annual general meeting (April 4)

“Of course we are rooting for India’s economic uptick, but the human side needs deeper examination. In many ways India is facing a crisis of the soul. When only one person out of 10 is thriving, and around that number feel engaged at the workplace, it indicates that the vast majority are not reaching a desirable level of fulfillment — far from it.” — Well-known spiritual guru Deepak Chopra and Jim Clifton, CEO, The Gallup Organisation (Times of India, April 9)

“The cheating had been going on so long, we considered it part of our jobs.” — Jackie Parks, third-grade teacher in Atlanta, whose cooperation with prosecutors helped indict 35 educators for secretly changing students incorrect answers in standardised tests (Time, April 15)

“The fact that Anna Hazare is no longer on the list of the most powerful shows that people are more sober today and sceptical of tall claims made by so-called crusaders.” — Harish Khare, political commentator in ‘Be wary of false prophets’ (The Hindu, April 24)

“To make sure that their employees get going when the going gets tough, companies might need to redefine employability. They might want to look for proven participation in sports and other team activity, apart from certified nerdiness, in the fresh talent they seek to hire.” — The Economic Times editorial on dealing with job-related depression sensitively (April 25)

“For Modi, it has taken a thousand speeches to make himself a best-selling, self-marketed political brand. Rahul did not need more than one speech, which incidentally was perhaps the most deconstructed graveyard soliloquy after the Prince of Denmark uttered those words: To be or not be.” — S. Prasannarajan on the brewing contest between Congress heir apparent Rahul Gandhi and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi (India Today, April 29)

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