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“The president takes the salute on the Raj Path from a parade that is spectacular for the most part but rather reminiscent, with its tanks and missiles of Soviet-style hubris that is unbecoming of a democratic republic.”
Gautam Adhikari, well-known journalist, on India’s Republic Day celebrations (Times of India, January 26) 

“For India (or any society) to realise its demographic dividend, at least three factors are critical: its youth need (a) quality education, (b) good health and (c) jobs that pay a decent wage and enhance their intellectual and other skills. The story of India’s post-independence development has been one of failure across all three of these sectors.”
Sankaran Krishna, political science professor at the University of Hawaii, on why the Indian republic has failed to achieve broad social progress (The Hindu, January 26)

“It will be an undignified and vulgar statement but the fact is that most of the corrupt come from the OBC, the scheduled castes and now increasingly the scheduled tribes.”
Ashis Nandy, renowned sociologist, at the Jaipur Literature Festival (Times of India, January 27)

“There is nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the visual image people have of little six-year-old kids riddled — not shot by a stray bullet but riddled, riddled — with bullet holes in their classroom.”
Joe Biden, US vice president, on the Sandy Hook shoot-out in which 20 school children were killed (Time, January 28)

“I avoid most requests, for I can’t stoop to the Indian anchors’ level of journalism and their provocating manner… they say when tempers rise in the studios, it’s good TV.”
Hamid Mir, Pakistani journalist, on why he refuses requests from Indian news anchors to appear on India vs. Pakistan debates (Outlook, January 28)

“Mr. Hasan doesn’t need to move out of TN or India. It is the ban seekers that need to move to China or Taliban-nation. Try such stunts there.”
Chetan Bhagat, author, on the controversy over screening of actor Kamal Hasan’s movie Viswaroopam in Tamil Nadu (, January 31)

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