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“…the draft NEP 2019 itself lacks the very abilities it emphasises, namely critical thinking and deeper understanding. It is a badly written document which hides behind a plethora of terms that are half-understood and clubbed under the overarching master concept of “skill”. In short, the policy lacks depth and loses focus of the richness of secular democratic ideals by aiming for 21st century skills.”

Rohit Dhankar, professor at Azim Premji University, Bangalore, on the draft National Education Policy 2019 (The Hindu, July 13)

“You can’t have a free society without a free university system”

Michael Ignatieff, president of the Central European University on the varsity being driven out of Hungary to a new campus in Austria (BBC, June 27)

“It is also difficult to comprehend how members of the Kasturirangan Committee gave their acquiescence to the sweeping powers of the RSA and RSAAC even on simple academic considerations… Would they have assented to a proposal putting President Donald Trump in charge of all education in the United States? But that is essentially what they are recommending for India.”

Vivek Monteiro, secretary of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions, on the draft NEP 2019 (Economic & Political Weekly, June 29)

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