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They said it in September

EducationWorld October 2020 | Education News

“Government intervention should be minimum in the new education policy. The more teachers and students are associated with the policy, the better will be its functionality and its results.” – Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the Governors’ Conference on National Education Policy (September 8)

“The report fails to take into account the impact of poor-quality higher education on rural youth who, in many ways, are manifesting signs of alienation from their roots, are disaffected and amenable to being recruited into violent anti-social activities.” – A.R. Vasavi, social anthropologist, on NEP 2020 ignoring the crisis in education among the marginalised majority in rural India (Indian Express, September 15)

“IT (information technology) has been presented as a harbinger of a revolution in education for more than three decades now. However all reliable studies seem to indicate that ICT in the classroom helps in already well-functioning systems, and either has no benefits or negative impact in poorly performing systems. That does indicate much hope from IT in our education system.” – Rohit Dhankar, professor, Azim Premji Unversity, Bangalore on why e-learning in India won’t improve bad education (The Hindu, September 23)

“The government intends to invite the top 100 foreign universities to set up campuses in India. This will promote competition and consolidation in higher education, as we saw with Indian industry after the economic liberalization of 1991.” – Rajendra Srivastava, dean of the Indian School of Business, on NEP 2020’s recommendations for internationalisation of higher education (Mint, September 24)

“A family business in cinema is not necessarily creative. It is generally about prolonging your family fortune.” – Naseeruddin Shah, Bollywood actor, on ‘family business’ (Forbes India, September 25)

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