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Tibetan students stage a protest against China, call on G20 leaders to intervene

September 9, 2023

In McLeodganj, Tibetan activists held a demonstration on Saturday, appealing to the G20 leaders who had gathered in Delhi to address China’s alleged efforts to erase Tibetan culture.

The student protestors claimed that the Chinese government was consistently undermining their education system and attempting to eradicate Tibetan culture and identity.

They called upon global leaders to take decisive action against these practices.

Tenzin Passang, the national director of Students for Free Tibet (India), highlighted that China had established colonial-style boarding schools in Tibet, where Tibetan children as young as four years old were forcibly separated from their families and placed into these schools. This separation not only disconnected them from their families but also from their language and culture.

Tenzin Lekdhen, campaign director at Students for Free Tibet – India, stated, “We want to urge G20 leaders to specifically address the ongoing events in Tibet, particularly the issue of colonial boarding schools and human rights violations within Tibet.”

Source: PTI

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