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Tickle Right an empathy-oriented  brain development programme

“My son began his Tickle Right journey at the tender age of 19 months. Spanning over more than 4 years, it has been a very enriching experience on many levels – emotionally, intellectually, academically and also interpersonally (with his coach – Ms. Munira, with his family, and his peers).

The very visible/ tangible advantages of this program have been as follows –

  1. He learnt to read independently at a very early age.
  2. He enjoys mental maths challenges.
  3. He has developed a keen interest in asking the “why” questions and doing science experiments.

While this has been a very holistic development, the more important implications of the program have been on –

  1. His confidence.
  2. His willingness to vocalize his opinions/ thoughts.
  3. His self-conviction and clarity of thought, to name a few.”

Here’s what a Tickle Right parent, Mrs. Punita, had to say about her little one’s journey of their holistic brain development programme. And just like Mrs. Punita, over 3800 parents from across the globe have witnessed their children’s unique transformation when  tapped into their infinite potential by making learning fun with the Tickle Right method.

Tickle right

In essence, Tickle Right is an empathy-oriented  brain development programme that intends to revolutionize the education industry by adopting a hands-on, play-based approach to make learning meaningful and long-lasting. Children are little geniuses, who, when nurtured with love and compassion, are capable of amazing us with their marvelous capabilities.

The parent-child programme explores themes from an array of subjects like music, math, history, art, geography, science, and much more. Each fast-paced session is replete with a minimum of 25-30 gamified activities, where every activity is designed to enhance a particular skill. A few of them are:tickle right

  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Language learning
  • Music and art appreciation
  • Photographic memory
  • Audio-eidetic learning
  • Logic
  • Heightened intuition
  • Pattern recognition and
  • Visuospatial awarenes


Their enthusiastic teachers constantly endeavour to make each class better than the last. Whether it’s a cool science experiment or a riveting story-telling session about the ancient Egyptian civilization, our enraptured tiny tots are bound to fall in love with learning! And the best part? The fast-paced nature of the programme ensures that there’s never a dull moment in class!

Children as young as 16 months are eligible for the Tickle Right programme. Parents often worry that children of this age won’t be able to cope with the high-velocity activities or might not be able to concentrate for the entire duration of 50 minutes. However, once they begin their journey with Tickle Right,, all their worries are put to rest! Since the Tickle Right method is backed by neuroscience, it is designed in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. Additionally, each activity is done at lightning speed and is crafted in a vibrant manner to engage the senses. And since multiple activities are conducted  within a short span of time, parents have observed that their children’s concentration levels and attention spans have improved tremendously.tickle right

Parents have also witnessed their young ones blossom and grow in other areas like memory, math, language, depth perception, and decision-making. Their confidence and self-esteem soar as well since class is conducted in a conducive and loving learning environment, where parents and trainers work as a team to encourage the little munchkins.


But our favourite part about the programme is how they prioritize the strengthening of the parent-child bond. Parents not only accompany the babies to class but also play an instrumental role in the process. Their hugs, kissies, and loving words mean the world to their little ones and this is evident in their beaming smiles. And science suggests that happy babies are more receptive to learning.

In simple words, happy babies = intelligent babies.

And when it comes to educating babies, Tickle Right will always strive to achieve the happy bit because they  know the intelligence will undoubtedly tag along.

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