Top career profiles for non IT professionals in 2022

Girish Singhania– Girish Singhania, CEO of EduBridge

We are finally bringing to enter the light after witnessing the dark phase of the pandemic. However, learners and professionals are marooned about the ever-evolving job scenario that seems to be hitting the workforce like a tidal wave. The vacuum that the job market has witnessed owing to a lack of skill-sets, has compelled learners and professionals to resort to reskilling or upskilling. There are many who have considered switching gears from the non-IT to the IT space. But not all of them can be computing mavericks and engineering marvels. So what does the job market have in store for these learners and professionals? Let’s explore!

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
If you are an avid number cruncher or an individual with statistically savvy insights, then Data Analytics is the ideal profession for you. Data Analytics is about processing and organizing ad-hoc data into valuable datasets. Business Intelligence on the other hand involves studying these statistical insights and converting them into valuable pieces of information that are commercially viable for the enterprise. Both profiles, the insights typically draw out market trends and consumer preferences towards a certain product or service.

Cloud Computing

The Amazon Web Services Re-Start is an ingenious program helping individuals to take a leap into the cloud computing segment. There is a lack of professionals that are adept at the nuances of cloud computing. To bridge this gap Amazon web services introduced a course that explores career opportunities in the cloud. The curriculum explores the fundamentals of the cloud, enabling learners to acquire entry-level cloud positions in the workforce. The course pedagogy involves a rigorous training module that is inclusive of expertise in Linux, Python, networking, security, and relational database skills. The curriculum is job-oriented, walking learners through an array of soft skills required to secure a position as a cloud practitioner.

Banking and non-banking professionals

The workforce witnesses a major uptick for banking and non-banking financial professionals. Some of these profiles would include the following.

  1. An advanced level, certified course in the banking and non-banking financial services – The program is vetted for learners to profile the role of a loan collector. The advantage is the course can be pursued at a graduate or even at an under-grads level. Insights policies from the RBI juice up the course content making it even more interesting.
  2. With MSMEs popping out of the blue there is a growing requirement for investment bankers in the workforce. Graduates can certainly sign up for a certified program in investment banking. Get a deeper insight into mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory, initial public offer, equity money & capital markets, debt advisory & reconstructing, and last but not least leveraged buyouts. The course helps learners explore the career path of an investment banker in greater dexterity.
  3. Understanding the nuances of accounting coupled with Tally and Taxation is another field that witnesses a stupendous rise. A certification programme in accounting and taxation with GST and Tally is the perfect course for aspiring accountants to make a mark in the field.

A learner’s interest could evoke in segments like healthcare and digital marketing. In the post-pandemic era, the workforce has realized the need to restructure the healthcare segment. The fourth digital revolution has propelled enterprises to go digital giving rise to a wave of creativity with the exponential growth of digital marketers. In totality, the workforce is rife with unending opportunities for non-IT professionals just as well.

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