Ukraine: Pakistani students use India flags

Ukraine: Pakistani students use India flags, chant ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ to flee

March 3, 2022

Indian flags came to the rescue of Pakistani and Turkish students to get a free passage in war-torn Ukraine, Indian students who witnessed the same, said.

Following advisories by the ministry of external affairs, hundreds of Indian students have begun migrating to neighbouring countries including Poland and Romania by any means of transport possible.

In the process while arriving at the city of Bucharest in Romania, not only did Indian students carry the Indian flag but also Pakistani and Turkish students followed suit, students recollected. Indian students said that hoping for safe passage, considering the relationship between India and Russia, these foreign students also chanted ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ as an escape chant.

Students also recollected the hurdles they faced as they tried to flee Ukraine, seeking safety in neighbouring countries from where Operation Ganga has been facilitated to bring Indians back home.

“We were advised here that we were safe as India and Russia have always shared a cordial relationship. As soon as we got the bus, the first thing we did was to put two Indian flags to get free passage. Not only Indian flag but also Indian students have supported the safe passage of so many Pakistanis,” said a student from Odesa, Ukraine.

Recalling how the idea of getting a flag in a warn torn country was materialized, another student described, “I went to the market and since readymade flag was unavailable, I got six bottles of colour spray from shop and plain curtains from another. We sang the national anthem and departed.”  

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