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Uttar Pradesh: Initiatives to improve learning outcomes, teacher-student relationships

February 25, 2023
Nishant Saxena
The Uttar Pradesh government, led by Yogi Adityanath, has launched several initiatives to improve the learning outcomes in council schools. One of these initiatives aims to foster better relationships between teachers and students through various activities, such as sports and events, beyond regular teaching. The government has created a timeline for teachers to enhance their learning processes, and teachers are required to upload photos of their activities on the ‘Prerna App’ every Friday.
The government has also issued specific guidelines for the effective implementation of the activity calendar, and teachers are required to organize activities during cluster meetings. Additionally, the government is encouraging SRG, ARP, and Diet Mentor to conduct teaching work through the activities sent during weekly school supervision.
The initiative includes an activity calendar, which details the different activities to be conducted to improve the teacher-student relationship. For example, teachers will be required to organize a tour program in the third week of February, taking students to local sites such as farms, post offices, factories, and historical sites. In the fourth week, team-building activities and competitions will be held, including local games such as Kabaddi, Cricket, Carrom, and Badminton.
Other activities planned for March include situation-based activities to enhance problem-solving skills, outdoor learning activities, and creativity-based activities for students to improve their writing and speaking skills. Teachers will be required to conduct activities in the third and fourth week of March.

Overall, the UP government’s initiatives aim to create a conducive environment for learning and enhance the learning outcomes of council school students.

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