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Promoted in 2002, Vruksha Montessori follows the Montessori system of preschool education. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, this pedagogy allows children to develop and learn at their own pace. It envisages the school to be an unending adventure — one that inspires a lifetime of discovery. The development of personal dignity and ability in every child is one of the benefits of a Montessori education.

Vruksha’s environment is designed with the child in mind. Learning materials are laid out in a logical sequence, within the child’s easy reach. This satisfies the innate sense of order of a child and she strives to work at his self-development. The adult in the environment guides the child in this emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.


Vruksha MontessoriSchool is currently operating from leased premises in Alwarpet, Chennai. The current space is a building which has ground plus 3 floors each of about 3000 sq feet. Each classroom accommodates 30 children. The school will be soon moving to its own building near Chennai Trade Centre.


Vruksha curriculum caters to three groups: Toddlers, Pre- primary and Primary

Toddler (2 – 3 years)

The first three years of life are the most significant ones in the development of a human being. "The small size of a newborn and its inability to take care of itself invokes our loving attention. The infant’s physical development is phenomenal and apparent and inspires our care and attention. Yet a more profound but less obvious development takes place within the child.”

Montessori refers to the child at this period as ‘Spiritual Embryo’. The idea is that the second embryonic period occurs after birth during the first three years of life when the child’s intelligence is formed, when the child acquires the culture and language into which he or she is born. It is a period when the core of personality, social being and the essence of spiritual life are formed. It is widely recognized, that as adults we are largely the product of our first two years of life.

Pre- Primary (3 – 6 yrs)

Children between the age of birth and six years possess an ‘absorbent mind’. Maria Montessori observed that children also experience sensitive periods in their development. These are periods of special sensitivity when the child is attracted to certain stimuli in their environment allowing them to acquire certain knowledge and skills. These periods occur universally for all children at approximately the same age and provide the time for optimal development of that particular skill or knowledge.

At Vruksha, the 3 to 6 year old child is undergoing a process of self -construction. The application of the Montessori philosophy and use of specifically designed Montessori equipment aid the child’s ability to absorb knowledge and continue on this path of self-construction.

There are four main areas in the Pre-primary program: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics. Vruksha also emphasizes on Creative Arts, Music, Science, Geography and Cultural Studies. Assimilation of one’s own culture is the child’s central developmental drive in the first plane of development. Vruksha’s Pre-Primary environment serves this drive abundantly, bringing the world to the child. Globes, maps, songs, land forms, collection of pictures of life in different cultures and much more is offered at Vruksha with the aim of helping the child to grow as an individual appreciating the larger context of his or her world.

Extra – Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities form an important part of education at Vruksha. For example children can learn “Oyillatam” one of the folk art forms of TamilNadu.

Parenting workshops

Vruksha believes in building strong relationships with their children and families. Keeping in mind the needs of parents, Vruksha organizes workshops for parents on a quarterly basis. The school also hosts orientation program for new parents to enable better understanding of the Montessori system and its benefits.

General Information

Admission Age
2 Years
Teacher Student Ratio


Application forms are available throughout the year in the school office. The academic session begins in June, September and January. Fee details are available at the school office.


Vruksha’s environment is designed with the child in mind. Learning materials are laid out in a logical sequence, within the child’s easy reach.

Day Care

Not provided


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Contact : 4442112337

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