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What is Digital Marketing in Education?

Kamna Hazrati, Business Consultant & Advisor, Founder of KH Advisory

Ed-Tech enterprises have expanded significantly due to the accessibility of technology, customized goods, and dynamic learning platforms. Digital marketing is an important approach utilized by EdTech firms to improve brand awareness, web analytics, and customer generation. Marketing professionals can deliver engaging content and innovative technology to the right audiences at the right time via digital marketing platforms. These platforms give you access to a world of possibilities compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing has a variety of advantages for EdTech companies:

  • Digital marketing has significantly increased brand recognition. Education services may be delivered easily and on par with other educational systems using an online marketing approach.
  • Engaging in digital marketing initiatives is less expensive than investing in traditional marketing strategies.
  • Data-driven marketing solutions provide users with a customized marketing strategy and measurable results which isn’t the case for traditional media.
  • Since it is the age of smart searching, digital marketing is unquestionably beneficial to educational institutions because it puts them on the map allowing the consumer to read & explore more about the institution, see the photos, the life at school, and also get access to real customer reviews
  • Online marketing enables businesses to get real-time customer reviews and use them in their business be it to attract new students or enhance the experience of the existing audiences. It is possible to provide immediate feedback with digital marketing. Therefore, it makes sense to switch out a subpar approach for a better one for a short period of focused time.

Here are some digital marketing strategies that can accelerate your ed-tech business:

Emphasize SEO strategies

As part of digital marketing efforts, search engine optimization plays a crucial role in generating an organic search at a low cost.

As part of your search engine optimization efforts, you can perform keyword research on-page. Make sure that the content on the website, meta tags, and descriptions are optimized to improve the search engine rankings and results.

Email Marketing

Recent years have seen the EdTech industry undergo a revolution, with innovative ideas, paradigms, and opportunities for students abounding. The industry has got a lift especially during the covid times and continues to uplift in the post-covid times. The use of email marketing by EdTech companies is a very effective method for promoting their products or services & for capturing new customers. According to Statistics, companies receive a 36% ROI on their email marketing initiatives. A well-crafted and well-executed email marketing strategy  allows you to effectively engage & communicate with your customers. 

Marketing with video

Since the pandemic, video marketing has become one of the most important digital marketing tools for providing an enhanced user experience to users. Your audience can consume video content efficiently with the help of platforms such as Facebook or Youtube. It gives Edtech experts, influencers, and teachers the opportunity to expand their communities.

Consider Pay Per Click Advertising 

With SEO one can build their business organically, but for an initial push and to reach out to new markets, paid marketing is an effective tool. Depending on your audience serving ads on various search engines & social media platforms like Google, Bing, Meta, Youtube etc. can improve your company’s brand visibility. There are several advantages to employing PPC advertising for your EdTech company.

  • It is quantitative and simple to track the outcomes.
  • You can track the performance of your ads and adjust the modifications using tools like Google Analytics.
  • It aids in gaining maximum exposure through rapid advertisements and bidding tactics.

Digital News Release 

It is a powerful public relations marketing strategy that may be used to supplement branding tactics. A press release plan can benefit your Edech company’s digital marketing efforts and increase your SEO efforts. It aids in landing on numerous high-level media outlets and increasing coverage.

Irrespective of whether you run a brick & mortar education institute or an edtech organization, having a digital marketing strategy in place is a must do to increase your brand scope & capture more customers. Stay relevant with a holistic marketing mix and make use of these marketing strategies and keep your business at its zenith.

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