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Why education plays such an important role in society

Why education plays such an important role in society

Education does play a very important role in the society, regardless which country or region of the world you’re living. Hence, we have global organizations such as United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and others supporting and sometimes funding educational projects in India.

India upholds Right to Education through the Constitution of India and its various amendments. Consequently, there’re myriad laws that aim at educating underprivileged sections of the Indian society and girls. 

The reason for these global and domestic initiatives is simple: Education plays a very important role in the society of every nation. In fact, it’s the very basis for development of any society and country. The same holds true for India as well.

Therefore, we’ll explore some reasons why education plays such an important role in the society.

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Importance of Education to a Society

If we look at demographics of India, we’ll surely notice that states with high literacy rates are well developed and have superior infrastructure, compared over those where illiteracy remains on the higher side. This is just one feature of why education plays such an important role in the society. There are others too.

Decides Social Status

One of the main reasons why education plays such an important role in the society is because of Right to Education system in India, as it’s the sole decider of your social and economic status. It’s no secret that highly educated people have better career and business options compared over those who’ve none or lesser education.

In fact, every educational project of the Indian government and international agencies operating in the country has one primary purpose: uplifting economically underprivileged masses. 

An educated person can take excellent jobs that match their qualifications and rise out of poverty. And they can help others overcome poverty as well by educating others. In India, where most matrimony is through arrangements, education plays a vital role in deciding who marries whom.

Eliminates Crime & Terrorism

An educated person is able to aptly distinguish between rights and wrongs. Hence, they’ll usually desist from committing crimes or falling prey to propaganda proliferated by terrorist networks. An educated person cannot be brainwashed on ethnic or religious lines because they won’t accept anything blindly and without strong evidence.

Lack of education can also mean limited opportunities for employment. Hence, such persons are more prone to take to petty or organized crime or even terrorism to find source of livelihood. 

Fuels Domestic & National Economy

An educated person is an asset to the country. They form bulk of the India’s organized workforce. As a result, companies in India are able to hire talent from a vast resource of educated manpower and flourish. As industries flourish, they also contribute significantly to the growth of the local economy of the state or region and the national economy as well.

Furthermore, educated people don’t become a burden on the state and require dole or support from other government sponsored initiatives to provide assistance to unemployed and illiterate persons. Instead, educated people are taxpayers and also contribute to the Indian economy. Millions of Indians working and living abroad remit billions of Dollars every year, boosting the nation’s foreign exchange reserves.

In Conclusion

There’re no shortage of reasons why education plays such an important role in the society. Education allows people to provide better lifestyle for their families. Enables them to take appropriate political decisions, promote democracy and oppose dictatorial moves. Education also helps directly and indirectly in prevention of disease and epidemics. It creates better communications and promotes dialogues between various peoples of the world. Education helps find ways and means to create newer things that help improve quality of our lives. These are some of the reasons why education plays such an important role in the society.

Mitali Roy

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