Working mom: Striking the right balance

Being a working mom can be really exhausting with focusing on office work, taking care of children, cooking and yet making your life look Instagram-worthy. Although it may seem as an impossible 24×7 task, most Indian mothers are used to it. Getting help from another person is the best way to tackle such issues. Don’t shy away from asking for help from your husband, if they are not already helping. This can actually help in easing the daily chores. Some parents do not the like taking help from babysitters, in such cases they can ask for their own parents. working moms

Here are 10 ways working moms can ensure a flourishing career and strike a balance with family life:

Plan everything from beforehand and separately focus on family and work life. Try to disconnect from work after office hours. It may be quite difficult nowadays with such advanced technology and emails and messages hopping in the notification of our phone every hour, it’s always worth trying to maintain a balance. If one has the flexibility of not working 9-to-5 and can work at anytime of the day, they can make use of working at night and taking care of children in the morning. 

Time is very precious as a working mom and the first few years of parenting demands reducing time for socialising with friends and through social media. Being mindful and letting go of distractions actually helps a lot and increases productivity. During weekends, focusing on children rather than watching can help make up for the lost time.

Communicate with your manager. You can develop a good relationship with your boss so as to discuss your career and how it is affecting your family. Together you can come up with easy solutions and find more time to manage things. If your manager is helpful, he might make work timings more flexible for you.

Having a positive attitude towards life and not looking at everything as a task has proven to be helpful for working moms. Know your priorities and set things accordingly. Know that you can control what’s going on in your life. You can control the number of hours worked as well as how long you can take rest.

According to a research done by Kathleen McGinn and her colleagues at the Harvard Business School, kids of working grow to become high achievers. “If you’re actually observing an employed mom manage a complex life and handle multiple demands — a job, a family, a household — you see that it can work. Everything we know about role models and social learning suggests that children are actively picking up life skills from the adults around them. It’s all about what they’re exposed to as children.”

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