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Yogasanas to boost children’s immunity

There are several yogasanas which improve children’s bodily immunity, writes Smriti Sivakumar

Practising yoga enhances body strength and builds immunity of people in all age groups. Several yogasanas improve blood circulation and functioning of the nervous and lymphatic systems leading to greater immunity. Here are some yoga exercises to strengthen children’s immune systems (NB. guidance of an experienced yoga practitioner recommended).

Surya Namaskara. Surya namaskara or sun salutation is practiced as a continuous flow of yogasanas. The focus is on movement and breathing rather than posture. It conprises 12 ‘steps’ and enhances body strength, improves flexibility, blood circulation, and activates the lymphatic system to boost immunity. Best when practiced with controlled breathing, drishti or focused gaze, and correct movements.

Paschimottanasana is a forward-folding asana which improves spine flexibility. It also aids digestion, strengthens the heart, and builds physical endurance, especially in children.
Ushtrasana, or camel posture, is an exercise to strengthen the respiratory system. It improves thyroid gland functioning and expands the chest, thus enhancing the lung capacity of children. It also reduces lifestyle-related postural deformities such as drooping shoulders, rounded back, etc.

Sarvangasana, aka the mother of all asanas, is an inversion in hatha yoga. Due to the inversion, blood flows into the upper body. This in turn boosts immunity, improves thyroid gland function, blood circulation, and also cures asthma, wheezing, sinusitis, etc.

Chakrasana is an advanced back-bending asana, aka full-wheel pose. It stretches the spinal column and strengthens joints and muscles. It also improves respiration and blood circulation, boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety and stress. Children should practice this asana from early age. 


Sirsasana aka the father of all asanas, is a headstand that requires continuous practice and persistence to master. Sirsasana offers several benefits including improved function of the nervous system, heart, lungs, digestive system, blood circulation, and overall body strength. It also improves immunity, concentration, and sleep quality.

Savasana or dead man’s posture, enables children to slow down, relax, and de-stress. It is a deep relaxation technique that relieves physical tiredness. It also improves function of the nervous system and makes children more mindful of themselves and their environment.

(Smriti Sivakumar is a yoga practitioner at 6AM Yoga, Bengaluru)

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