5 Apps every parent will love

Forget Facebook and Angry Birds. There is a whole lot of apps that can simplify everyday tasks, including parenting and learning. Whether your favourite gizmo is your mobile or iPad, youll just love these five apps that can make parenting easier.
• KidZui Browser (http://www.kidzui.com/)

Install this browser and stop worrying about the internet websites that your child might access. It offers parental control as well as suggestions for kid-safe sites, so your children can download a whole range of child-friendly web content. It screens out objectionable social networks and has content-specific filters that keep out violence, bad language and pages with specific words. It also makes browsing fun and exciting by blocking out boring parent content.

• Nexercise (http://www.nexercise.com/)

Nexercise will get your kids on their feet, and is a great boon for obese children and those who dont get enough outdoor activity. It is an app into which you prescribe daily activities. These can range from jogging or washing the car to a brisk walk to the bus stop. The app adds these up and tells you how well you are doing at maintaining body fitness. As you complete your daily activities agenda, you get points and medals.

The app offers children the motivation to push themselves to exercise. They can also stage competitions among themselves to score more.

• KIDOZ (http://kidoz.net/)

KIDOZ offers a selection of absorbing games and videos for children so they dont run out of activities of interest. This app provides kid-safe entertainment. Parents can manage them as they like, and can choose or block objectionable games and videos. This way, you can keep content age appropriate, and activate child locks as needed on the app.

• I Earned That (http://www.iearnedthat.com)

Raising children with good values is a tough challenge for every parent. I Earned That makes this task easier by providing a platform for parents and children to focus on positive action. Using the app, you can set tasks for children to work on, and earn rewards. On completion of tasks assigned, they get their rewards. All this can be tracked using the app. It facilitates open accountability on both sides and encourages positive, transparent behaviour.

• iTooch (http://www.edupad.com/itooch/elementary-school-app/ )

If youre looking for an all-round app that helps kids with their subjects at school, its iTooch. It offers a whole range of subjects and can be used by students in all classes.

Its excellent for keeping up with the curriculum, and offers a variety of learning activities. It also goes beyond the textbook, engaging kids in subjects and topics which specially interest them.

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