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Aashman Foundation educates underprivileged girls about menstruation

July 5, 2021
Aashman Foundation, a non profit organization which works for upliftment of the families of single income widows and supports the women by empowering them with skills that enable them to become the bread earners of their family. Skills like stitching, beauty parlour, patient care, computers etc are taught by the NGO. 
‘Let’s be ready for Red’ a campaign by Aashman Foundation distributes sanitary napkins as well as underwears to the women who are underprivileged and do not have the means to purchase such commodities. The campaign rests at the heart of the issue that many women in India do not even have the privilege of owning underwear and helping them understand more about menstrual hygiene would lead to a better standard of living. 
The brand ambassador of the foundation VJ Aman, has played a pivotal role in the campaign as she voices the concerns of such women through her videos and helps spread awareness about the campaign on the social media platforms to gain momentum in the public eye.
Aashman Foundation and VJ Aman visited Toka in Haryana and discovered that none of the women used sanitary napkins because they did not have underwears. Aashman Foundation distributed underwears as well as sanitary napkins to the women living in Toka. Many such endeavors are planned by the foundation in the coming times to help the cause of sanitary napkins.
Aashman Foundation urges all citizens to help such women ease their pain by donating sanitary napkins and underwears which will help them have better hygiene and a better health.
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