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Anant National University launches India’s first climate school

Anant National University launches India’s first climate school

July 27, 2022

The school will be the first of its kind to academically train students in climate studies, climate impact and implementing measures to facilitate climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Anant National University announced the launch of Anant School for Climate Action, first-of-its-kind school in India. The school will begin with two foundational courses under the aegis of the Anant School for Climate Action namely, the four-year Bachelor of Technology programme specializing in Climate Change, and the one-year Anant Fellowship for Climate Action. Pursuant to these revolutionary programmes, students will specialize in climate technologies and be a part of the $23 trillion global climate economy. AnantU has distinguished itself by being the only institute in India offering focused academic courses in climate studies and climate action, and therefore now occupies a prime position in the Indian educational landscape.

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Consolidated under the Anant School for Climate Action, the Bachelor of Technology Programme is designed to equip students with the skills to use engineering rigour and tools to create technology-driven solutions to climate change. Students enrolled will have access to a state-of-the-art climate lab at the Ahmedabad campus, running climate simulations and various apparatus for weather measurements, solar radiations, and PV systems. The lab will also house equipment for the testing of renewable energy sources, and more. The market-oriented degree course prepares students for positions in every industry as all companies need to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The one-year Fellowship programme gives Anant Climate Action Fellows the opportunity to work with climate pioneers across the world. Based on a mentor-mentee framework, the programme is designed to help Fellows to develop the skills required for leading large-scale solutions to mitigate climate change. After course completion, the Fellows will be poised to take on leadership positions in the multi-sectoral, $3 trillion climate change arena, and will also be invited to remain members of the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action community.

Dr. Anunaya Chaubey, Provost, Anant National University, said, “Climate change is not a theoretical concept, it is a reality that people around the world are seeing and especially in an ecologically sensitive zone like India. With three million renewable energy jobs in India and $2.5 trillion opportunities in climate-resilient infrastructure in India by 2030, there is a gaping lack of technically skilled people qualified for these jobs. Our education system does not cover climate change and climate action subjects or courses at any level. Recognizing the need for specialized climate studies and programmes is the need of the hour. Our school will focus on pioneering new studies, research, technologies, training and programmes in this fast-growing, absolutely essential, climate action industry”.

 Dr. Miniya Chatterji, founding director, Anant School for Climate Action said “Measuring, predicting, mitigating and adapting to climate change needs an influx of new technologies as well as people skilled in the use of existing and new technologies. The objective of the Anant School for Climate Action is to equip students with the latest knowledge to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The Bachelor of Technology specialising in Climate Technologies provides students with specialised training so that they are absorbed by the industry as world-class professionals in the field”.

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