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AryaGlobal’s St. Mary’s High School releases its own VFX movie

May 7, 2022

The students and teachers of St. Mary’s High School create history as they recreate the concept of ‘Dashavatar’ in a visually captivating movie with special effects, excellent dramatization and captivating soundtracks.

A great story comes alive when it gets executed with passion and thorough knowledge. The team at St. Mary’s High school, Kalyan decided to launch a great Annual Day event that will remain etched in our memories forever.

To achieve this, the team launched its own creation- “Dashavatar” on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya and Eid on 3rd May, 2022.

Dashavatar denotes the changes in the era, the different forms of Lord Vishnu and how humankind has evolved over the eras to adapt to changes. The theme was selected keeping in mind the current situations around us which aptly reflects these sentiments of adoption of new thoughts and ideas to cope with changes.  

This beautiful concept was conceived by AryaGlobal’s Director, Dr. Neelam Malik, a renowned educationist who understands the pulse of today’s generation. The thoughts were carefully executed by an experienced team consisting of Director, Pratik Bhosle; Divya Borse and Debashree Mukherjee, for Screenplay and Varsha Vishe and Nishad Joshi for Dialogues and Music. 

St. Mary’s High school has a well- established teaching pedagogy that focuses on value education. It takes unique efforts to introduce children to the rich culture and heritage of our country and launching Dashavatar is one way in which it achieved it successfully. Integrating technology with learning is a great way to make education interesting.

As Dr. Neelam Malik says, “St Mary’s has set the ball rolling to adapt the National Education Policy. This Annual Day is a skill-building activity, it is a career development project to help students discover their talents and dabble into hobbies today or for the future and to tread the path of integrating technology with learning which are proposed in the NEP.” 

The final performance was a consequence of 6 months of sheer hard work put in by the students, parents and teachers of St. Mary’s High School who underwent rigorous training from renowned theatre artists in acting, stage tactics, production aspects such as lights and costume and post- production aspects such as integrating music and special effects. All students got a chance to contribute as per their aptitude and skills.

Behind the scenes making video

St. Mary’s High School releases its own VFX movie

Bharat Malik, Chairman of AryaGlobal said, “This experience has helped children understand the importance of teamwork and that to achieve something great one needs to think creatively. Children have learnt the importance of patience and the value of research in making a great movie. They have learnt the nuances of stagecraft and dialogue delivery.”

Principal of Sr. Mary’s, Mrs. Divya Borse expressed, “We always aim to provide a holistic learning experience and integrating life- skills. With Dashavatar, our students unravelled their love for dramatics and understood the hard work that go in towards making a movie. I thank the parents for giving their wholehearted support and 100% consent for their child’s participation.”  

CEO, Dr. Vinda Buskute said, “Adapting to change is the essence of growth and happiness and this is evident in our spiritual scripts. We witnessed the same in our students as they equip themselves to adapt to vocational skills required today.” 

St. Mary’s High School, Kalyan is recognised as the No. 1 Budget School in India by Education Today and India’s No.1 State Board School in Digital Advancement.  

As Dr. Neelam Malik rightly says, “It is possible to achieve the impossible. The challenge is for us to take it forward, as success is not the end but a journey undertaken.”

Dashavatar – an AryaGlobal production featuring the students of St. Mary’s is open for all to view on YouTube.  

Scan the QR Code below and witness the great story unfold-

St. Mary’s High School releases its own VFX movie

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