Bachelors in Global e-Business: Launchpad for an exciting career

Bachelors in Global e-BusinessToday’s dynamic corporate scenario is witnessing an unprecedented growth of e-business or e-commerce as it is popularly known. E-business refers to integration of ICT with business processes so as to enhance an organisation’s competitive strength. Companies must assess global markets and foray online in developed countries as well as in the emerging economies to explore the technology of global e-business.

Infact, statistics also prove that e-business sales grew by 18 percent with the total sales nearing $3 trillion in 2018. The popularity of e-business lies in the fact that it makes shopping convenient for customers who can buy anything, anywhere, anytime.

The number of internet users is growing at an average rate of over one million new users every month and there are currently more than 4 billion of them worldwide.

These numbers clearly indicate the potential of e-business for organisations across the globe. Today, almost every business has websites, apps and social media handles to sell their products and services online for all demographics. So, a majority of companies are now expanding operations to other countries to cater to the global audience. This naturally translates into a requirement of more manpower.

The organisations operating in the international markets need people who can understand the dynamics and complexities of global e-business, local cultures, logistics, legal/human resource/financial factors, etc. Candidates who hold a bachelors degree in Global e-Business fit the bill perfectly.

During their academic years in the Global e-Business graduation course, students are exposed to strategic development techniques and also the technologies required by e-commerce business to succeed and thrive.  So, basically, a bachelors degree in Global e-Business prepares you to develop necessary skill-sets required for a career in this field.


As a Global e-Business graduate, there are ample opportunities in the domestic as well as the international job market. Multinational corporations are expanding their business in India while some Indian companies are venturing abroad. These companies need e-business professionals in all departments right from operations, product design and supply chain to marketing, legal, HR and finance. 

Some of the most thriving sectors in e-business are B2C marketplaces (buying and selling of lifestyle products such as grocery, apparels, footwear, cosmetics, etc.), B2B marketplace (connects wholesale suppliers to bulk buyers), education, agriculture, energy, healthcare, e-governance, financial services, travel, classified portals and telecommunication services.

All these sectors offer attractive career opportunities for graduates.  If you join a start-up, you will get many opportunities to prove your worth and showcase your innovative and creative streaks. You can even become an e-commerce entrepreneur if you have a disruptive business idea.

Career options

A Global e-Business graduate can explore the following career options.

  • Market Research Analyst

As a market research analyst, you would be required to conduct a detailed evaluation regarding the business feasibility, user needs and competitors before launching a global e-business. If the business is already established, a market research analyst monitors the latest business trends so that business can stay up to date and respond to situations with agility.

  • Business Analyst

In this role, your job description involves analysing online retail sales data to see how the business is performing. You monitor your organisation’s web analytics, sales reports, social media advertising campaigns and search engine ranking. You also need to collect and interpret data from various sources to improve business processes.

  • Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager is responsible for supervising end-to-end supply chain operations and logistics in a company. This involves maintaining vendor and distributor relations, transport arrangements, inventory and warehouse management as well as shipping and delivery to maximize productivity and efficiency.

  • Project Manager

A project manager manages resource estimates, project schedule, front-end and back-end operations and basically A to Z of everything that requires for driving execution, functionality and delivery of various business processes.

  • Advertising and Promotion Manager

An Advertising and Promotion manager provides/creates opportunities for potential growth through the internet as a medium. Promotion campaigns and digital marketing are key roles of this job. Other jobs include working on media budget and contracts, marketing plans, selecting of advertising media etc.

  • Ancillary Services

You can also find lucrative jobs in services such as finance, marketing, legal and compliance and human resources in global e-business organizations.

The career prospects are varied and bright for students who have completed Bachelors in Global e-Business. This degree will equip you with the techniques to manage the strategic development of e-business based organisations and appropriate e-business technologies. You will develop the skills and knowledge to evaluate, manage, and improve the operational functions of an organization and to apply the concepts of systems integration to the design and development of products through market analysis.

The future of e-business looks very promising; it’s time to ride the crest of this tide.

Authored by Dr. Anjali Sane, deputy dean, Faculty of Management (UG), MIT World Peace University, Pune.

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